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Published Date : May 14, 2022


Fruits are the sweetest delicacy that adults and kids love the most. Many people eat fruits according to the season and in summer, they consume even more. The only question is which fruit is the king of the fruits? Many agree with some and many agree with others. But always, the king of fruits is Mangoes and the king of Mangoes is Alphonso. So let’s see some of the facts about Alphonso mangoes.

Alphonso Mango


A raw Alphonso Mango

Alphonso Mango belongs to the species of Mangifera Indica. It is a fruit that is famous in Maharashtra. It is mostly produced in Maharashtra Ratnagiri and the Konkan region. Alphonso is one of the largest-selling mangoes and people’s favorite. Due to the demand and richness of sweets, the tree is well protected by the cultivators. The western part of India calls Alphonso mango the “Hapus”. 

Alfonso de Albuquerque

A portrait of Alfonso de Albuquerque

The history of Alphonso mango brings us to the past of the 1500s. It was the time when the Portuguese were in power, they ruled many countries and they invaded India. They sold many goods and used Indian grounds as their trading place. When they started trading mangoes, they came across a Brazilian variety of mangoes. India was growing mangoes which gave the Portuguese the chance to use our land to grow their new variety of mango. So, they started to attach Brazilian mango trees and Indian mango trees by using a method called grafting. As time goes by, the grafting works and the fruits start to grow. The grown mango provided a different species of mango which was sweet and had a soft pulp. This paved the way for the birth of the Alphonso mango. They named the new variety of mango the Alphonso which is named after a Portuguese leader Alfonso de Albuquerque. He did much work in invading India and helping the Portuguese people. So, they named it after him. 


Fresh Mango

A fresh Alphanso hanging in a tree

An Alphonso mango requires some necessity for its growth in order to produce healthy fruits. They require a warm climate condition for their growth. Let’s see how to grow an Alphonso tree from seed.

  • First, we need a fresh undamaged seed from Alphonso mango.
  • After getting the seed, we need to wash them with water and we need to dry the seeds in sunlight for a few days. 
  • After drying, cut open the seed to get the main important seed which is useful for planting. So by cutting the edges of the mango seed, we are able to open and we can obtain a kidney-shaped seed that is greenish-white in color.
  • After obtaining the seed, get the pot ready for planting. By using planting soil, fill the pot and dig a small hole to plant the seed. 
  • After sowing, sprinkle some turmeric powder because the antibiotics property in it can help to fasten up the germination of the seed.
  • After using turmeric, close the soil and keep it in a place where it meets sunlight.
  • Water them daily by using a spray container which helps us to pour a limited amount of water. So by using this, one is able to prevent overwatering which may damage the seed. 
  • The germination takes a few weeks.
  • After germination, water them well and protect them from diseases and external damage.
  • Once the plant reaches a certain amount of height which may take around 2 years, shift the plant to the outer soil for bigger growth. 
  • After 4-5 years the plant will bear more fruits and it can be harvested in Summer.

These are the steps for growing an Alphonso mango from seed. We can expect fruits after 3 years but it won’t provide much. By clearing out weeds, using natural fertilizer, and taking good care, we are able to obtain the tasty and juicy mango.

People can select real Alphonso mango by their aroma. A single Alphonso mango covers a whole room with its good smell. Look for the yellow-green color. The real fruit will have a soft juicy layer and by squeezing it, the mango juice will squeeze out. So, choose well before picking and have a good tasty sweet mango. 

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