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Published Date : April 1, 2022

White Pigeons

2 prettywhite pigeons

When you look at the sky do you find white little pretty birds? Have you ever wondered how these birds find their way home? Pigeons have been our friends for ages, they are small, gentle birds often associated with peace and non-violence. They are found everywhere in the world except for in extremely cold areas. The birds are closely associated with religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. Romans used these little birds as messengers to deliver their messages during their time.

Pigeons belong to the Columbidae family. Currently, we know 250 species of pigeons out of which 2/3rd are spread over Tropical southeast Asia and Australia. Some are over the pacific. They are monogamous and take time to accept their partners. These birds breed all over the year. Especially during the spring season. Male and female pigeons lay their eggs and care for their young ones too. These birds have a lifespan of around 3 to 5 years. Maximum upto 15 years depending on surrounding factors. Seeds are major components of their food. 

Pigeons eatingPeople feeding the pigeons

Interesting facts about the little birds

1) Pigeons are probably the first-ever bird to be domesticated by humans.

2) Great personalities like Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla had a special interest for pigeons.

3) Pigeons use Earth’s magnetic field to know their direction, hence, they can always find their way back home unless there is any disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field. Well, it seems like they don’t need the help of google maps unlike us.

image of pigeons flying in a group

pigeons use earth’s magnetic field to navigate and fly in groups.

4) They saved many lives in wars by delivering the messages to the right person.

5) They are efficient multitaskers too. Maybe we could train them to share our work!!!!

6) Generally, mammals produce milk for their young ones but pigeons also produce fake milk often called Crop milk in their oesophagus to give essential nutrients to their young ones.

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