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  • Falcons are kind of birds or raptors which hunt their prey and fly as a king over the air. They can dive at high speeds in the air to catch food. Falcons are found all over the World as different types. These birds have powerful eyesight stronger than humans which is around 2.6 times better.
  • There are around 40 different species of falcons around the World. In this blog we are going to see about only four species. Falcons have curved and strong beaks to taste the flesh of prey. 

Peregrine Falcons

  • Peregrine Falcons hold the title of ‘superstar’ in flight. These falcons are mostly found in the American region. The wingspan is around 3 feet and has a body length of around 15-21 inches.
  • Inquirers have even recorded them as possible grey species like the Western sandpiper, employing generational improvements to their migration patterns to avoid sites with common Peregrine Falcon populations.
  • While hunting they can dive at a maximum speed of around 200 miles per hour which is the highest speed in all bird species. Pigeons are the most common prey for them and sometimes they snatch up waterfowl and songbirds also. 


After the hunt, taking a rest.

  • Actually, I like these falcons because they are the fastest birds in the World, renowned for their 320 km/hr speed. Peregrines are like kings and so they don’t like to waste their energy for building up the nest.
  • They find some cliff or rock in the mountains or coastal areas like sand and land to lay their eggs. They have a baffle-like system inside their nostrils to manage the breath while fast diving into the water for food. 

Grey Falcons

  • Grey Falcons are found in the Australian region. These species are endangered in certain conditions and only a few thousands of grey falcons are present all around the World.
  • Conservation status is vulnerable in some conditions and serious actions should be taken to prevent these kinds of raptors. The average lifespan for these species is approximately around 12-15 years. They are true lovers and monogamous in nature. 

Peregrine sitting on a Wood

 Grey falcon is spotted sitting on a tree

  • These grey falcons are very rare and finding their nesting is a tough task. Research should be implemented for preserving the threatened state of this species. Programs can be conducted for showing their importance in ecology and can raise the profile of conservation with land holders and peoples.
  • Improve knowledge about potential threatening factors like climate change, habitat modifications and feral cats. Nature protects us and so we are responsible for protecting our nature. 

American Kestrel

  • American kestrel falcons average lifespan is 5 years. Actually they feed on larger insects, grasshoppers, caterpillars and some small prey.  These falcons are threatened by DDT pesticide which is currently banned. 
  • Now these species are used in agricultural land for controlling insect pests that affect the crops. These efforts helped out for mating success of declining raptors like these species. They are one of the most successful raptors around the World.
  • Population of these species is around 1.2 million pairs around the World. 

American kestrel is flying in the air for hunting

Aggressively flying falcon in the air

  • These species are also facing problems and in recent years, these falcons are also declining in condition. They can be seen easily but its count is decreasing and researchers are seriously watching and revealed that they are declining. Prevention should be done in order to conserve them.


  • Gyrfalcons are majestic in nature and are also the World’s largest falcon. Wingspan of this species is around 4 feet and it can feed on a prey twice its size. One and only arctic raptor is Gyrfalcon and according to National Geographic, arctic regions are warming as fast as possible.
  • These Flacons are adapted for the cool areas. Now there is no threat found for them but changing climatic conditions may result in the decline of these species.
  • The World is taking care of every human and we should respect them by conserving them. They are mostly found in Alaska regions. Actually they will feed half of their body weight per day in the mating season in order to have high energy for persistent flight. 

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