Earth Science

Periodic table

A non-metallic overview – Erakina

Introduction All the 118 elements which have been decided and organized in the periodic table may be notably labelled into 3 groups: metals, non-metals, and metalloids. Metals are electropositive factors which can donate electrons, even as non-metals are electronegative factors which can preserve electrons. Metalloids are the 0.33 beauty whose homes are intermediate of metals …

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Solar System

The solar system and the eight planets – Erakina

The gravitationally bound system of the sun, planets, and heavenly bodies revolving around its axis is known as the solar system. In order, the names of planets from their distance from the sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The solar system also contains comets, asteroids, stars, moon, satellites, and dwarf …

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Nevado Del Ruiz

Nevado Del Ruiz -Erakina

Colombia Volcano emitted with debris and gas is currently dynamic once more. It erupted on the 36th commemoration of the terrible emission that crushed a whole town in Colombia and killed 25,000 individuals. The Nevado del Ruiz spring of gushing lava showed “observable” movement beginning Saturday, the Colombian Geological Service said.  The Nevado del Ruiz …

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A flower in the barren-dry land, Dry land, The waterless land

What do You know About This Quietly Destructive Calamity? – Erakina

Summary: Even our Blue Planet isn’t quite safe from turning brown. Here’s why: Water is the fundamental necessity of life. Scientists have found it to be so essential, that they believe any celestial body with large reserves of water may very well contain some form of life. Our planet Earth is 71% covered with water. …

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