Cappuccino is a popular beverage that we come across in our neighborhood café. It is an Austria-based espresso coffee drink made out of the foam of steamed milk. Cappuccino is the favorite cuppa for most people due to the thick lather of milk that adorns the hot beverage. With time, our favorite beverage has undergone several changes like some people use cream rather than milk. You can have your favorite cuppa using non-dairy substitutes or flavor it with chocolate or cinnamon to enrich the taste. Cappuccino is a kind of coffee preparation but it has become synonymous with coffee. Whenever one asks for coffee, cappuccino crops in our mind. 


Our favorite cuppa

Fun facts about cappuccino 

  • Cappuccino is taken from a Latin word, ‘Caputium’. The German and Austrian termed it as Kapuziner. But the cuppa is popularized by the Italians. 
  • Cappuccino derives the name due to its red aura resembling the hooded robes worn by the Capuchin monks and nuns in 17th century Europe. 
  • In the 18th century Austria, our favorite cuppa became popular as coffee mixed with sugar, cream, and egg yolks. 
  • You can find the mention of coffee since the era of the Ottoman Empire. With time, the beverage evolved as milk was started adding to coffee and water. 
  • Coffee became famous as its cappuccino came into being in Austria with the addition of cream or a thick layer of milk. 
  • Cappuccino became everyone’s favorite cuppa in modern times as the rich American households started taking a sip. The beverage became a mark of luxury in the niche American households due to its rich lather of milk and cream. 
  • Cappuccino is relatively healthier than other forms of coffee as a latte. The former is lower in calories as non-dairy products can be used to lessen the fat substances. So don’t worry, have your cuppa without any hesitation. Cappuccino

A double-layered cappuccino cup

 How will you prepare your favorite cuppa?

You can easily prepare a cappuccino at home. I will tell you some simple steps to follow and have your homemade cappuccino. You just need an espresso machine for comfortable brewing and a milk steamer in the kitchen. 

Ingredients to prepare cappuccino

  • Espresso machine
  • Milk steamer
  • 6-ounce cup for cappuccino
  • 3-4 ounces of milk
  • 16.5 grams of ground espresso coffee
  • Milk pitcher

Collect the brewing items in one place. It is better to use ground espresso coffee beans or else have to grind them to get an adequate quantity of coffee. As you have the espresso, add milk about 3-4 ounces into the milk pitcher.


After the preparation, extract the espresso. Pour the ground espresso into the espresso machine for extracting. You can directly pour the espresso directly into the 6-ounce cappuccino cups.

While the espresso extracts, simultaneously you can steam the milk. Steaming the milk is a little technical as herein lies the aura of your favorite cuppa. Steam the milk up to 1600 F. It is better to move the milk pitcher vertically to let the hot steam warm the milk suitably. You have to work a little harder to get the foam of the milk, the usual characteristics of cappuccino. To do so, hold the angle of the steam baton close to the milk surface. It will come up with the desired foam for the cuppa. Alert! The steaming of the milk will lead the milk to increase its volume in the pitcher and may spill burning you

As the extraction gets over as the milk gets steamed, pour the two simultaneously into the cappuccino cup. You should be a little creative while pouring the milk into the cup by holding the milk pitcher 3 inches above it and pouring circularly and vertically. I am telling you to follow the style to get the usual blend of cappuccino by blending the milk with the espresso. Lastly, the milk froth will be poured to get the desired foam of the popular beverage. 


A bit technical while pouring the milk in the cup

Bottom line on cappuccino

A cuppa of cappuccino at breakfast will make your day. Cappuccino is in popular culture and people of varied ages and geography like the rich lather of milk in it. Your favorite cuppa is lower in calories which makes it healthy as compared to other beverages. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your homemade cappuccino

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