It is nothing new for you all to hear that the temperatures of the Earth are rising at a continuous and alarming pace.

Every day some other place makes a new statement for the highest temperature ever recorded in the summer season. 

Nature at the zenith of its beauty
Nature at the zenith of its beauty

The rising temperature is a reason of concern not only because of the rise in the average temperature of the earth but various other major problems are being aroused by it. 

The temperatures will rise and the glaciers in the Northern and Southern Poles of the earth will melt. The glaciers are so sensitive that even an average rise of 1 degree Celsius is sufficient enough for them to break down.

So please allow me to bring you closer to our environment and gather information about something which is going to happen surely and shortly…….

What’s the dilemma? 

The crisis to be encountered by every single person on this blue sphere shortly is, the rise in the seawater level..!!. As the earth continues to become warmer with every passing day, it will cause the melting of the snow-caps on the poles at a higher rate as compared to the conventional stride.

View of melting glaciers
The glaciers are melting due to rising heart temperatures

According to an article published in the magazine, Time out London, there would be 9 major cities of the world that will be seen underwater by the year 2030. 

You and I must be ready to see our cities drown out in the next 10 years…!!..

A terrifying depiction of drowning cities
The horrors which the rising sea levels will beget, is beyond imagination

It’s nothing new for everyone here that global warming is mindlessly after every good thing which belongs to our earth and us. 

The magazine has reported about a project named Climate Central, which has created mappings to depict the parts of the world which might have to face the crisis of rising sea levels. 

These are the dear cities that are under the threat of being submerged by the unscrupulous year 2030:-

  1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands– The Dutch country is situated close to the North Sea. It is a low-lying city. 
  2. Basra, Iraq– It being an important port at the banks of Shatt-al-Arab, is already vulnerable to flooding.
  3. Venice, Italy– The reports are already suggesting that the city is currently sinking by two centimetres every year, this piece of information about flooding is the cherry on the cake.  
The beautiful city of Venice
The city is reportedly sinking by 2cm per year

4. New Orleans, USA– With lake Maurepas, Salvador and the Little Lake surrounding this city; no option left if the lakes get flooded.

5. Kolkata, India– The struggle during the monsoon season in Kolkata is too chaotic as the land area is less.

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam– The marshlands in the country and Mekong Delta are under threat of flooding and cyclones.

7. Savannah, USA– This city is already at the centre of a favourite hurricane place and to top it all it is surrounded by rivers which can cause flooding.

8. Georgetown, Guyana– The city has a 280m long sea wall for immunity against tropical storms, but you never know when the guard becomes the murderer…

9. Bangkok, Thailand– The Thai capital is the most affected city due to global warming. It is already sinking by 2-3 centimetres every year and is just 1.5 metres above sea level. 

Now you can very well imagine the ‘great days’ of crisis and havoc which will soon befall upon all of us, including your city and mine too….. 

Hardly 10 more years and we all will be drowning deep in the same oceans…..!!.. 

Why is all this happening? 

Who is the culprit? It’s Global Warming. Period…. 

It is not a term that needs much of an introduction. It is already a hot topic of discussion in and around the world, demanding a permanent solution. But, to stop global warming absolutely, is next to impossible. 

Global Warming is the process of warming the earth due to the greenhouse effect. 

The Greenhouse effect is caused due to the trapping of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc in the atmosphere of the planet. 

Heating up of the earth
It shows the earth withering off due to the heat

Instantly a question arises as to what might be causing the production of such unwanted gases… To answer your question I’ll illustrate some of our misdoings:

  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Deforestation
  • Industrial expansion 
  • Uncontrolled pollution released into the atmosphere 
 Smoke erupting factories
The ever-increasing industrialization will bring us to the end of ourselves
  • Faulty agricultural practices
  • Acidification of water bodies
  • Transport and vehicles
  • Oil drilling
  • Power plants 
  • Waste mismanagement

And the list can continue till eternity…..

These are not the developments of recent, these reactions of nature that we are confronting are the bad fruits we are reaping from our actions being done for a long period… 

Is there no remedy? 

This is a question that should be asked by everyone to themselves and reminisce about all the wrong actions, leading to earth’s destruction, which we all have been a portion of…. 

People protesting against global warming
The only solution to global warming is to spread awareness.

As such this problem has no solution until we do something. We still have a timespan of 10 long years before us. Many things can change and become better in 10 years. 

Some suggested remedies by the environmentalists and scientists can be listed below: 

  • Adequate Flood defenses can be built. 
  • The efforts of COP26 can bring better results to curb the roots of global warming. Their goals are:-
    • Powering households with renewable energy.
    • Investment in energy-efficient appliances.
    • Reduction of water waste. 
    • Shrinking of carbon profile. 
A child planting a sapling
Planting more and more trees today can save the future
  • Our cities can be adapted to flooding situations like-
    • ‘Sponge cities’ inspired by China can be built in which cities can hold clean and naturally drain water.
    • ‘Green roofs’ are quite popular in Europe. It includes covering roofs with vegetation and thereby reduces stormwater runoff and neutralises acids in the rain.
    • Clean drains and sewer systems
    • The impermeable surfaces in Europe are being replaced by permeable materials like grass and gardens which will absorb and reduce the flow of water. 
  • Reduction of fossil burning.
  • Afforestation
  • Buying better bulbs that are energy-efficient.  

These all seem to be the true solutions to the problem of global warming and in turn, reduce the drowning of cities; but are too ideal to be followed and lead towards a successful path….. 

Only prayers will help or what !!.. 

I don’t intend to bring down your hopes or anything like that but until when will we keep running from the truth??… The ultimate truth stands before us and mocks us for our faults and ridiculous accomplishments. The year 2020 is a great example of our mockery(smirk).

Today every superpower country boasts of their huge buildings, enormous industrial sectors, maximised energy usage and whatnot… but have they ever given a thought towards the sickening condition of the nature around them…

Very few countries are initiated towards the betterment of the environment like New Zealand, Peru, Tunisia, Belarus etc.

I think I must stop myself here to avoid getting carried away cursing away the humans. In the end, I would just say…

“Beware before nature retorts,

Do not wait till it snorts;

Bloom in its cradle of ecstasy,

Nature will never accept perfidy ….”


by Sambhavi Yadav

Content Writer(Erakina by RTMN)


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  1. Atanu Bhattacharjee

    Yes Increased heat, drought and insect outbreaks, all linked to climate change, have increased wildfires. Declining water supplies, reduced agricultural yields, health impacts in cities due to heat, and flooding and erosion in coastal areas are additional concerns.
    We can’t do any anything but we can improve ourselves by Drive less. Air pollution is one of the major factors that lead to an increase in greenhouse gases. …
    Plant trees. …
    Switch to renewable energy. …
    Use energy-efficient devices. …
    Use less hot water. …
    Turn off electronic devices. …
    Spread awareness. …
    Save water.

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