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Cyclone have been a regular occurrence in the Bay of Bengal. In the year 2021, we have had around 4-8 cyclones hurling the waves of the Bay of Bengal and causing havoc in the coastal states of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

The weather models have just indicated the formation of another storm in the Andaman Sea around November 10. Winds began to strengthen on Saturday in these areas. 

Well, the coastal states on the Eastern side of India are prone to massive destruction by cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons. 

Although the people of these places are quite familiar with these tropical storms, we all need to understand the strength of cyclone Jawad…

Origin of Jawad

A low-pressure area is being created over the southeast Bay of Bengal and the equatorial Indian Ocean, adjoining the south Andaman Sea. 

The cyclonic circulation over the southeast Bay of Bengal has been reported to extend up to 5.8km above the mean sea level on the morning of 8th November. 


Intense wind and cloud formation during the cyclone.
Whirlwinds of great speed blow during a cyclone.

In just 24hours a low-pressure area is likely to be developed over the southeast Bay of Bengal and the neighbourhood seas, declared openly by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). 

If the winds intensify and cause a cyclonic storm, it will be named Cyclone Jawad.

The word ‘Jawad’ is suggested by Saudi Arabia in the list of the names of the upcoming 13 cyclones. The list has a total of 13 cyclone names each for the 13 member countries.

‘Jawad’ means ‘noble’, ‘gracious’, ‘generous’ in Arabic origins. 

Course to be traversed

The Indian Meteorological Department suggests that Cyclone Jawad will erupt from the southeast Bay of Bengal, bringing major destruction here. 

It will then move west- north-westwards to reach near north Tamil Nadu on November 11, 2021. I wish it just brought winds with itself but NO…there would be a continued, active rain spell over Tamil Nadu during 8th–12th November 2021.

Another rain spell over Tamil Nadu was to be faced by the Tamilians.

What do meteorologists have to say?

Though the meaning of Cyclone Jawad is quite peaceful it would no longer serve its meaning if the winds turn into a cyclonic storm. 

IMD officials have already warned the government as well as the citizens beforehand about the turning tables. The various warnings given by the meteorologists are as follows:

Wind Warning

Wind speeds might reach 40-50 kph dashing towards a flow of 60 kph in the southeast Bay of Bengal, which is not at all surprising. 

The next two days i.e. 10th and 11th November will have their influence over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh coasts. 

Conditions of Sea 

Sea conditions will vary from rough to very rough during this week, from 9th- 11th November.

Rough seas during storms
Sea can be very rough during storms


Warnings to Fishermen 

Fishermen out in the sea were directed to return to the lands by 9th November. 

Nobody should venture out into the sea after 9th November and wait till further directions. 

 Rough sea waves which can drown boats
Fishermen are advised not to go out in seas in storms.

Uncertainty and effects

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, nothing can be said in a confirmed manner until the end of this week which is 13th November 2021. 

It’s too early to track the exact path and nature of the cyclone. 

The major effect of the cyclone will be on the major festival of Dasara of Telugu people. It might cause a hindrance to this big festival. 


Cyclones might be of any name, and strength, any size, any nature; all they bring along with them is Destruction. This is undesired but unavoidable. 

The Indian Government or any other government in the world try their level best to dwindle the effects of cyclones and other natural calamities. So it is our responsibility also to abide by the given directions and support them….

by Sambhavi Yadav

Contetn writer (Erakina By RTMN)



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