Fruits are the only delicacy that nature provides vastly to human beings. Every fruit has its significance in taste and health benefits. Today we are going to see Cherimoya fruit that originated in Tropical America and 20 facts about it. 



A cherimoya fruit

Cherimoya fruit belongs to the family of Annonaceae which is the custard apple family. The fruit has a sweet, pulpy, and fragrant appearance. The word Cherimoya derives from Quechua meaning “cold seeds”. It’s because the fruits are planted at high altitudes. The outer appearance may seem rough and tough but they are so tender and pulpy inside. People who tasted cherimoya always say that the taste is a kind of mixed taste of banana, vanilla, mango, pineapple, and coconut. 

Young fruit

A raw Cherimoya

Cherimoya plant grows around 5-9 meters in height with evergreen branches. They grow well in loamy soil and compost soil. Full sun exposure and cool nights are needed for the plant for its good growth. With proper soil and weather condition cultivators can plant the fruit. But they do have to wait for 3-5 years to get their first harvesting. The fruit grows in three different shapes conical, round, and heart-shaped. The fruit measures up to 10-20 centimeters long and 5 centimeters in diameter. And they weigh around 150-500 grams. Some fruits may grow even larger and weigh around 2-3 kg. The inside of the fruit looks creamy and white. The fruit contains a black to brown color seed which is not edible to eat. The seeds are said to be poisonous when they are crushed open. People can separate the seeds from the pulp and eat them. The pulp looks like ice cream and the fruit got the name ice cream fruit. 

Cherimoya Facts


A cherimoya fruit on display

Cherimoya is a fruit that takes a long time to grow and less time to deteriorate. The fruit contains many health benefits for the people. So let’s see some of the facts about Cherimoya fruit in the following.

Most delicious fruit known to men

The famous American writer Mark Twain after tasting cherimoya he mentioned that “the most delicious fruit known to men”.


The fruit was introduced to the Mediterranean region in the year between 1751 to 1797. From there the fruits are carried to Italy. 

Appetite fruit

Cherimoya acts as a great appetite in the diet of people. It makes us feel full and prevents constipation. It is also rich in protein.

Great ingredient in recipes

The famous Chef Dani Garcia says that the characteristics and bit of sourness in the fruit make the fruit a great addition in making sweet and savory recipes.

Expires soon

Cherimoya fruit takes 3-5 years to get mature but it takes around 2 to 4 days to expire. So keeping it in the refrigerator and eating it soon is recommended.


Flowers of Cherimoya fruit are hermaphroditic and the plant doesn’t allow self-pollination. So cultivators are advised to know more knowledge about the fruit before planting.

Cultural importance

The Moche culture of Peru shows significance to agriculture and art. In their art, we can able to see a picture of Cherimoya fruit in their ceramics. 

High-calorie content

The bigger the fruit the bigger calorie the fruit gets. An average of 300 grams of fruit contains 170 calories in it.

Rich in nutrients

The fruit is rich in fiber and it has Vitamin C and calcium in it. It also has Niacin and Phosphorus content in them which helps in the formation of bones and teeth.

Used in medicine

Based on scientific research and studies the fruit helps in depression and stress. Through this, it helps in fighting blood pressure.

Higher seller of the world

Spain country is said to be the highest producer of cherimoya fruit in the world.


The Annonaceae family fruits are poisonous. The seeds of cherimoya are poisonous when the seeds crack open. The leaves, bark, and seeds contain poisonous alkaloids in them which are used to kill lice.

Used in Skin disorders

The powdered seed of cherimoya mixed with grease is used in treating parasitic skin disorders.

Used as Insecticide

The powdered seeds of the fruit are used as a pesticide in agriculture.

Substitute for tobacco products

The dried flowers of cherimoya are used as Snuff (smokeless tobacco). 

High in antioxidants

The presence of flavonoids, carotenoids, and Vitamin C in Cherimoya acts as an antioxidant in the body. By this, we can able to prevent damage to cells.

It May help in mood change

Cherimoya consists of Vitamin B6 in them. Vitamin B6 is useful in boosting serotonin and dopamine in our bodies. So it may help in regulations of mood changes.

May help in Immunity

Cherimoya fruit consists of vitamins like C and B6 in them. Vitamin C helps in improving immunity in our bodies.

High fiber

The presence of high fiber content in the fruit helps in reducing constipation and helps in reducing weight.

Helps in Digestion

The high fiber content in cherimoya fruit can boost the digestion process in our body. If any indigestion occurs, people can have a piece of this fruit and cure indigestion in them.

These are some of the 20 facts about Cherimoya fruit which is sweeter, pulpier, and healthier for people.

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Date: 23/05/2022

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