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A very Happy Christmas to everyone out there. Here is the day we all were waiting for a year. Don’t tell me you are still longing to meet your Santa. Yes! Many of us do in our childhood. 

25 December, the birthday of the God Jesus Christ, is celebrated as Christmas Day. The candles are lit by masses in front of God Jesus. Cakes are distributed among our loved ones. A festival celebrated by both, Christian and non-Christians too. Christmas Day is often declared as a public vacation in many countries.

 Merry Christmas

God Jesus was born in Bethlehem, to the fortunate parent’s Joseph and Mary, I should correct it, the virgin Mary. Yes! It was a miracle because God Jesus was a miracle. 

Jesus Christ.

Colors for your merry Christmas other than red and their significance…

You might be thinking that the different highlighted colors in the heading must be a printing mistake. But it is not a printing mistake. They are the three chief colors of Christmas, golden, green, and red. 

Talking about the celebrations of Christmas Day, people used to wear Red colors on Christmas Day. But, did you know that the chief colors of Christmas are green and gold, including red? I know you must be surprised by reading it as you would have never observed wearing green or gold color on Christmas usually. Well, there is a significance of wearing green or gold, including red. 

The red color symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ when he was suffering Crucifixion. You must be aware of the Crucifixion, not by its name but definitely by its method. Crucifixion is the process of capital forfeit where the sufferer is wrapped to a wooden rod-like structure and left as it is until the person dies of weariness. Almost everyone knows about this incident when God Christ was nailed and later he died in pain. 

 Jesus Christ suffering Crucifixion.

The Green color indicates lasting life just like an evergreen tree that does not shed its leaves even in winter. 

Moving on to the significance of gold color, almost everyone thinks that red is the most significant color on Christmas Day. But it is not the truth. The fact is that gold is the chief color of Christmas Day. This is because the gold color is related to the gifts given to Jesus by Magi, the priests of Zoroastrianism. Gold color is the indication of royalty. Hence, green, gold, and red are the chief traditional colors of Christmas Day.

Masses lighting candles on Christmas Eve.

Let’s do the ornamentation of our Christmas party and Christmas Tree and that holy visit to the Church…

People often visit the church on Christmas Day and light candles in front of God Jesus. This is because of the belief that Jesus Christ is the leading light of the globe.

Christmas is somewhat incomplete without a Christmas tree and who can forget about the Christmas party. People decorate their Christmas tree with candy canes, bells, stockings, candles, angels, wreaths, and much more. The Christmas tree is the most attractive sight of Christmas Day.

 A well-decorated Christmas Tree.

Don’t tell me that you don’t like Christmas parties or you have not seen them ever. Those pennants and lights of Christmas along roads, Christman trees on central spots, the Christmas music, and much more. Christmas gifts are the most loving part of children. You must have listened to the so-called thought by the mouth of children that if you put your wish in a sock in the night and hold it on your door, the Santa Clause will arrive at night to flourish your sock with your favorite gifts. Christmas cards are also part of Christmas. Many also enjoy their drink nights. You must have received those cards written ‘A merry Christmas and a New Year’. These are the traditional forms of celebrating and making your Christmas special. 

So, be ready for this Christmas party, the New Year. Flourish your kid’s socks with gifts. Decorate your Christmas tree, party hard. Visit the churches but at the same time, don’t forget about the pandemic. Try to fill other people’s lives with happiness who can’t celebrate their Christmas like you. One should not forget the good deeds and principles of God Jesus. A Merry Christmas!!

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