Hebe is a flowering plant which is native to New Zealand, South America. It is actually purple, maroon, blue, green and grey in colour. It belongs to the shrub family.


The Hebe flower derived its name from a Greek mythology goddess whose name was Hebe. She was considered a beautiful woman.

The Goddess, Hebe

She was the goddess of Greek mythology. She actually got married to her half brother Hercules. They married each other after Hercules was declared as immortal. Zeus was considered as Greek god of the sky and king of gods. Hera was considered the Greek goddess of marriage. Her children were Alexiares and Antictus.



  • This type of flower contains 90 species.
  • It is about 3 feet long.
  • Hebe flowers are generally found in rock gardens or can be kept in some containers.
  • One should plant hebe plants during the spring season from April to May.
  • Best suited soil for the hebe plant is chalky soil and alkaline soil.
  • One should plant as soon as it is brought home.
  • Regular watering should be done for the hebe plant. 
  • One should take more care of the plant during the winter season as it is considered a dry season.
  • Cut off the leaves which got dried up because it will dry other leaves too.


Hebe plant can be used for many purposes such as medicinal and tonic usage. The extracted leaves can be used for the enhancement of hair and health of an individual. The main purpose of the hebe plant is to improve the health of a person.



Hebe Pinguifolia Pajer

The flower of this type of species is white in colour and the leaves are blue in colour. Its length is 9 X 36.

Hebe Andur Soni

The leaves of this type of species are narrow, oval and pointed. Actually, it is grown during midsummer. The flowers of this species are purple in colour.

Hebe Speciosa

The flower of this species is pink and white in colour. The leaves are round in shape.

Hebe Hulkena

The flower is purple in colour. The length of the flower is 710 cm long and 2.3 cm wide.

Hebe Odora

The leaves of this type of the plant are round and spherical in shape. Its flowering is generally from October to March.

Hebe Salicifolia

The species of these flowers are green in colour and the shape of the leaves is round. This plant is about 2m in height and 12cm long.

Hebe Barkeri

The leaves of this species are pale green in colour. This type of species is generally grown in the American region.

Hebe Acutiflora

The flowers of this species are white in colour. The leaves of this species are pointed.

Hebe Buxifolia

The flower of this type of species is white in colour. Its leaves are green in colour. The flowers of this species can also be found in purple too. It is said that it is the smallest hebe. It is called baby hebe.

Hebe Andersoni Veriegata

This type of species is the fastest growing herb in this species. This species is of purple colour. Its leaves are green in colour.



This blog is about hebe – the flower, which is a very beautiful flower which can be found in purple, maroon, blue, green in colour. All the colours are very beautiful. Hebe flowers are considered a shrub family. The Hebe flower is termed so as its name was derived from the Greek goddess who was considered beautiful. That is why the flower is so beautiful. It is only grown in chalky soil and alkaline soil. It is mostly grown during the spring season. The varieties of hebe flower are hebe pinguifolia pajer, hebe andersonii, hebe speciosa, hebe hulkeana, hebe odora, hebe salicifolia, hebe bakeri, hebe acutiflora, hebe buxifolia, hebe andersonii variegata, etc.

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