Summer is the time when people experience more heat than any other season. It is the time they adapt and change as per the atmosphere. Kids have school holidays, video games, outdoor fun times, etc. People dehydrate more in this season and they hydrate themselves by drinking water, juices, having ice creams, fruits, etc. Likewise, Indian people make beverages at home for refreshment. One of the most famous is Shikanji. Let’s see some of the facts and medicinal benefits of it.



Shikanji is a drink made in Indian households that has a unique taste and kick in it. It is made from Limes or lemons including basil seeds, Basil leaf, cumin powder, normal or black salt, water, and sugar if needed. The name Shikanji means “trap”. It is named by referring to the lemon squeezer. The area that squeezes the lemon is considered a trap and that’s why it is called Shikanji. 

It is actually the same as lemonade, but they both have similar differences. The differences are the ingredients. Both may differ from a few ingredients and in North India, they call it Shikanji. These are the differences between them. People in the North make Shikanji and store it in a vessel and keep it inside the refrigerator. So that they can drink whenever they want and it tastes the same even after a day of preparation. 



To make a Shikanji we need to prepare the ingredients first. Ingredients like water, black salt or normal salt, mint leaves, cumin powder, ginger juice(optional), chaat masala(optional), and sugar if needed.

First, we need to take a pan and add cumin seeds, and a little pepper to it. Then in a low flame, we need to roast it for 2-3 min until it gets a slight brown in color. Then in a blender, we need to add them and make them powdered. Then in a bowl add 4 cups of water and add 2-3 lemon squeezes. Before squeezing it roll the lemons on the countertop to get more lemon extracts. Then add the required amount of sugar and add ½ or 1 tablespoon of black salt. Then stir it well until it dissolves. Next, add the roasted cumin powder and stir well and finish it by adding mint leaves on top for refreshment and aroma. Pour it in a glass and it’s ready for serving.

Medicinal benefits


The refreshing beverage of Shikanji has its own medicinal benefits that are useful for people. The benefits are as follows:

  • Lemon is rich in pectin fiber and Vitamin C.
  • Shikanji helps in digestion because of the presence of cumin, pectin fiber, and pepper in it.
  • Vitamin C and Gingerol in ginger give more nutritional value to the drink.
  • The presence of sodium and citric acid prevents dehydration.
  • It may help in reducing weight because the pectin fiber in lemon and one drink can make the tummy full for a period of time.

These are some of the medicinal benefits of Shikanji. With this drink, people can stay brisk and have energy for their busy day in the hot summer. So let’s pour a glass and welcome the season of summer.

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