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Published Date : February 4, 2022
Pest Control in Food industries

Who is not afraid of cockroaches and all those creepy crawly creatures like lizards. And when you find any of these creatures crawling around your food, you definitely have a gross feeling crawling up your skin.Pests are always attracted towards food, so large sites that manufacture huge amounts of food on a daily basis are a perfect location for pests activities. As a result food and drink companies need to ensure they have plans in place to limit this.

1. Rodent


Enters buildings through doorways and very small cracks and holes. Spread diseases. Gnaw, feed and breed and in food in processing locations. Damage equipment Ruin merchandise and contaminate food as well as packaging materials.
A fly

2. Flies


Enter through doors, windows, and other openings . Spread diseases such as typhoid, fever, food poisoning Be irritating and annoying Be difficult to control Contaminate food or packaging materials.

3. Cockraoches


Spread bacterias including E. coli and Salmonella. Creep through cracks Trigger allergies and allergy symptoms. Cause alarm and upset guests and customers and employees.

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