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Published Date : March 8, 2022

Apart from being synonymous with the valor of Rani Lakshmibai, the city of Jhansi has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and heritage.

statue of the queen of Jhansi

close-up of a statue of the queen on her horse with a sword in hand

Jhansi Fort: the battleground!

Jhansi Fort

night view of Jhansi fort

The Jhansi fort is historically significant. The fort has witnessed the battle between Queen Manikarnika and the British officials. It was constructed on the top of a hill by Raja Bir Singh Deo in the 17th century.

Kadak Bijli cannon

kadak Bijli canon in the premises of the fort

  • The complex is strategically designed with a Ganesh temple at the entrance and a Shiva temple on the insides. It is believed that it was the worship house of the queen.

Ganesh temple in the fort

close-up of the Ganesh temple within the fort

Shiva Temple

Shiva temple in the premises of Jhansi fort

  • There are several spots of significance within the fort like the jumping point from where the queen jumped off on her horse with her child tied behind her. 
  • The cannons used in the war still adorn the fort while other spots like the Kaal Kothari and hanging tower are still present. 

hanging tower

close-up of the hanging tower in Jhansi fort

  • The fort hosts a sound and light show that demonstrates the valor of the queen.

The erstwhile residence of the queen, Rani Mahal has been converted into a museum. It is symbolic of the Bundelkhandi style of architecture with open courtyards and arched chambers. It was built by Raghunath(II) Newalkar in the eighteenth century.

walls of rani mahal

intricately designed, colourful walls of Rani Mahal

The palace is highlighted by colorful walls and constitutes six big rooms among which the Durbar Hall is well preserved. The interiors are halls are decorated with colors and motifs. The motifs vary from floral to geometrical. Vibrant vermillion and indigo hues decorate the walls. The palace is close to the Jhansi fort.

Apart from these historical sites, the regions around the city have a lot to offer. Chanderi is located 103km away from the city and is dotted with several monuments. It features the chanderi silk saree and ancient Jain temples while Chirgaon has located 30km from the city. The samadhi of the renowned Hindi poet, Maithili Sharan Gupt is present here. 133 km away from Jhansi lies Deogarh which houses the Dashavatar temple which dates back to the fifth century. The city of Mahoba which was the erstwhile capital of the Chandelas is also quite famous. It has a rich architectural heritage that includes the lakes built by the kings, Kakramath(Shiva temple), and tanks like Ram Kund and Suraj Kund. These tanks are lined with granite slabs and are carved out in a pyramidal shape


close-up of rabri-jalebi

The city offers water sports in Mauranipur through its Jal Vihar Mahotsav, the water cruise festival of the city! Apart from such splendid architecture and rich customs, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisines. Rabri, papri chaat,chhena, kadhi, and kachori are a few delights that can be savored in the city of Jhansi.

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