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Published Date : December 12, 2021
Omicron variant;
micro image of Coronavirus

Dr Anurag Agrawal, Director, CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, on Friday, said that a large portion of India’s population has “hybrid immunity” against the coronavirus. He said the “strong” resistance that hybrid immunity comes with is a positive thing amid the Omicron cases reported in India.

“Right now, people with best immunity are those with hybrid immunity, which is the largest proportion of the country’s population,” Dr Agrawal said, adding, “Even one dose of COVID-19 vaccine gives you good immunity if you have previously had an infection.” 

He informed that there are three types of immunity. The first one is natural immunity which comes from infection, the second is vaccine immunity and the third is hybrid immunity which is developed if the person is previously infected and then gets vaccinated.

“India has all three types of people. A large number of people have been infected; we know that from the ICMR sero survey. Our big vaccine push was after the second wave, and therefore, these people were infected before they got the vaccine. Hybrid immunity is the strongest of all immunities,” he said.

When asked the immunity of the people who got double jabbed before the COVID-19 hit, Dr Agarwal said, their immunity against COVID-19 would have declined and stressed for a booster dose. Furthermore, he stated the worst immunity is in non-vaccinated people.           

By: Idris Saify                              

Content Writer (Erakina By RTMN)         


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