Mushrooms and vitamins: a new miraculous combo – Erakina

Published Date : November 17, 2021

Mushrooms and Vitamins: a new
miraculous combo- Erakina

Cute and beautiful mushrooms.

Mushrooms are well known as the fungus which is seen growing in the mushy, wet soils, over
fallen trees and places where you least expect anything to grow. Some of them are so cute and
beautiful to look at, that we forget that it’s not a plant but a fungus.
Mostly found in white, black, brown colours; mushrooms have found their use for humans. Not
all are edible but those which are eaten have tremendous medicinal significance.
They are rich in vitamins and minerals like zinc, calcium, iron etc.
But have you ever heard of a special variety of mushrooms that will strengthen your bones
too…??.. Now when I mention bones, the vitamin popping in your head is Vitamin D.. You are
on the right track, so let’s know about that special Agaricus bisporus……

Who’s the new entry?

Mushrooms, as we all are well aware, are a good source of various kinds of minerals, vitamins
and essential components. But some recent researchers on a certain species have promised an
enhancement in their value to a greater magnitude.
Scientists at CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT), Palampur have
found evidence of benefits from lab-grown species of a mushroom named Shiitake.


Shiitake mushroom in full bloom.

used in Japanese cuisine.

Shiitake is an edible species of mushroom that has its native roots in East Asia and is
considered to bear medicinal properties according to some traditional medicine forms.
These mushrooms are notoriously famous for boosting the immune system, treatment of
prostate cancer, eating, and anti-ageing properties.
But now another valuable information has been garnered about Shiitake that it can be used for
supplementing Vitamin D deficiency in people, at relatively low prices.

So what’s the plan?

The panel of scientists of CSIR-IHBT, led by Mr Rakshak Kumar, have been successful in
growing low priced shiitake mushrooms and have planned to perform a human clinical trial to
evaluate the correct results concerning the deficiency of Vitamin D.

The trial will be done by preparing a standardised shiitake mushroom soup containing elements
that possess equal levels of Vitamin D.


The shiitake produced under the controlled lab settings have higher nutritional values than the
ones which grow naturally in the wild.
Normally the shiitake mushrooms are quite costly because they grow only on the fallen tree logs
and require particular weather conditions. In India, these mushrooms are grown only in the
northeastern states.

Seeing the potential in shiitake, scientists wish to grow them under specific laboratory conditions
to infuse in more nutrients and produce them in a cost-friendly manner.

Are there added advantages?

There are various advantages of consuming mushrooms and shiitake is now being considered
as the wizard that can replace the sun(wink)…!!..
So let’s talk about some advantages of such an initiative being taken by our cool scientists:-
● Inexpensive for consumers – The economical value of shiitake mushrooms is high due
to their climate-specific requirements, so the lab conditions will be covering up for that.
○ In this way, more people will buy them and their consumption will increase.
● Low-priced for Farmers – As the production cost of shiitake is too high, not every
farmer is capable of their cultivation.
○ So the controlled lab preparation and conditions will help them to grow shiitake at
lower costs.
○ The lab circumstances quicken the pace of growth of shiitake.
○ Earnings of the farmers will increase.

Shiitake growing on fallen trees.

for particular climatic conditions.

Additional nutritive value – The scientists have worked out such a lab scenario that the
shiitake grown under these situations will contain elevated quantities of Vitamin D.
○ The mushrooms grown under the labs will have a standardised nutritional value.

Nutraceutical food – The shiitake mushrooms will be used to compensate for the
deficiency of Vitamin D in the human body.
A substitute for sun – Many people have such a nature of job which does not allow
their bones to have a natural intake of Vitamin D from the sun.
○ This supplement will help such people in curating their deficiencies.

Thus if the common survey trial is successful in garnering the desired results, the shiitake will
become a common food consumed in India much like Japan.

How will the trial be done?

The procedure will take place for about 4-6 weeks and the steps to be followed for carrying out
this human trial is as follows:-
● Around 60 people will be selected and split into categories of 3.
● Category 1- They will be given soup made out of regularly grown shiitake mushrooms.
● Category 2- They will be presented with shiitake mushroom soup made out of Vitamin D
embellished mushrooms grown in the laboratory.
● Category 3 – This category will receive Vitamin D supplements.

Shiitake mushroom soup


In this way, the CSIR-IHBT has decided to carry forward the experiments and bring out the
hidden qualities of shiitake…

Let’s hope for the best

We all have always trusted our scientists for all the advancements they have achieved in the
field of science, technology, engineering, food, staples etc. So this trial should also be
welcomed with open arms.
The trust we build upon our researchers is the true motivation for them.
Let us all hope that the experiment will bring the best of the outcomes and bring out the efforts
of our capable scientists to light….

Indians have always been capable of creating discoveries and will continue to do the best
work… We will change our tag from a ‘developing’ country to become a ‘developed’ one…..

-by Sambhavi Yadav

Content Writer (Erakina By RTMN)


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