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lake of Mount abu is a great attraction for tourists

Mount abu is Situated at 1,722 meter above sea level amidst the lush green hills on the highest point of the Aravalli range. It was the preferred leisure destination of the ruling royal family long ago. The houses here are a blend of British style bungalows and holiday lodges of the royals, sharing space with various tribal communities residing in the forests. This eye-catching hill station is home to beautiful lakes, waterfalls and green forests. Mount Abu also houses a sanctuary where one can spot animals such as langur, sambar, wild boar and leopards


Mount Abu, a short distance from Jodhpur and Udaipur, is home to many religious monuments, the most famous being the Dilwara temple, Brahmakumari Ashram, Guru Shikhar and the shrines of Jainism. It is a peaceful getaway as well as an ideal place for a sacred pilgrimage. One can take a local bus to reach Mount Abu. 

Aerial view of the Nakki lake
boating near Mount abu


Nakki Lake in Mount Abu truly defines romance in Rajasthan. Named as Love Lake of Mount Abu, it is also the largest manmade lake at the height of 11,000 meters in India. It is also a sacred lake for the Garacia tribe of Rajasthan and at the time of their festival in Shukla paksha which falls in April month, it is the place of worship and remembrance of their ancestors. People consecrate their nails in the lake at this festival. It is the reason for the naming of this lake as ‘Nakki’.

nakki lake view
the boating attractions near the nakki lake

Attractions Near Nakki Lake

Temple of Rasiya Balam and Kunwari Kanya (king’s daughter)’s is located behind the Dilwara Jain temple. Nakki Lake has a very calm and romantic atmosphere around it. Shri Raghunathji Temple, Toad Rock and the Maharaja Jaipur Palace in Mount Abu are very close to it. Bandits love, sunset point is located near to it. On 12th February 1948, Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in Nakki Lake and Gandhi Ghat was built alongside.

Boating at Nakki Lake

Boating Facilities are available at Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. Boating is the main attraction of the lake and is one of the must do things in Mount Abu. It is a great thing where you can enjoy the serenity of the lake and the hill station.

Boating Timings: 09:30 am – 06:00 pm

Flora and Fauna in Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Most of the forest area in the park are dry deciduous or thorn forest in the foothills and sub-tropical evergreen forests in the valley and at high altitude. You can find different species of dicots and monocots here. There are more than 81 species of trees, 17 species of rare medicinal plants, 28 climber species and 89 shrub species. This sanctuary is the only region of Rajasthan to spot orchids. You can also find algae, wild roses, feras, bryophytes and others commonly. In the southwestern part of the region, you can find bamboo forests

History states that Asiatic lion and Bengal tigers were a part of this sanctuary but they were last spotted several decades before. Currently, the common animals to spot are common mongoose, sambar, Indian leopard, wild boar, common langur, Indian hare, pangolin, porcupine, sloth bear and hedgehog. More than 250 species of birds are spotted here and the most notable ones are jungle fowl and green Avadavat. The reservoir region is famous for spotting birds, crocodiles and small mammals.

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flora and fauna near plateaus of Mount abu

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on one of the oldest mountain ranges in the country and covers a large plateau including the highest peak in Rajasthan, Guru Shikhar. While vacationing in the desert state, it would be a little treat to spend a couple of hours or days in Mount Abu. It takes not more than two hours to scale the park on jeep. If desired, you can make a whole vacation out of it by trekking through the forest region.

Situated on a plateau, Mount Abu Sanctuary is on one of India’s oldest mountain ranges, Aravalli. Sprawling in an area of 288 sq. km, Mount Abu Sanctuary also houses the highest peak in Rajasthan, Guru Shikhar (1722 m). The popular sanctuary in Rajasthan is primarily known for its biodiversity of flora. Mount Abu Sanctuary was established in the year 1980.

Around 820 floral species can be found at Mount Abu Sanctuary. It is the only place in Rajasthan where one can sight a variety of orchids. The sanctuary boasts 3 species of wild roses and 16 species of feras some of which are rare. The south-west part of the sanctuary is known for its rich bamboo forests.

view of mounregion
landscape of tourism spot


The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is long and thin- it is about 5-8km long and between 300-122m wide.

It is made from igneous rocks which have formed large cavities in many areas due to the weathering effects of wind and water. This is common throughout the entire Mount Abu region


The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary contains a wide and varied range of fauna for you to appreciate. There are over 250 species of bird- including the popular grey jungle fowl. The Mount Abu Wildlife sanctuary also houses leopard sloth bear, wild boar, sambar, chinkara and langur amongst others. Many of the animals in the sanctuary are extremely rare and threatened.

It is believed that the lion and tiger once populated the region, but cats of this variety have not been in the season for a long time.

Picture of mountain landscape
Picture of mountain landscape


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