Suru Basin is a beautiful valley situated at an altitude of 3,000 meters on the foothills of the Himalayas. The basin is named after the Suru River flowing through the valley. The ideal combination of mountainous terrain and water bodies like the river and glacier make a dazzling site of the valley. The beautiful Suru Valley stretches along the Kargil Tehsil and the India-administered Ladakh. The beautiful town of Kargil is set on the bank of Suru River, a tributary of the mighty River Indus. Suru valley is an exquisite spot where the grasses gradually discolored into corroded orange against the background of the Himalayan ranges. The sight is mesmerizing making Suru Valley one of the unexplored, hidden gems of Kargil. Besides the beauty, Suru Basin is popular among adventure seekers for trekking and skiing. 

Suru Valley

A bird’s eye view of Suru Valley

Why will you visit Suru Basin?

Suru Basin has two high peaks – Nun with a height of 7,135 meters and Kun at a height of 7,035 meters. Climbing up those peaks gives an adrenalin rush to the mountaineers and adventure seekers. The height of the peaks is a blessing as you can explore the beauty of the valley from there. The winters have an added attraction as the peaks are snow-clad paving for skiing. Besides trekking the high peaks of Nun and Kun and camping at the wide meadows of the valley, there is plenty of scope for sightseeing at Suru Basin. If you are a leisure-seeker, you can camp at the meadows of the valley and gaze at the sky full of stars. A sight that we city-dwellers long for, making Suru Valley a hidden gem of Kargil. Herein, I present some of the places to visit in Suru Basin:

Suru Valley

Suru Valley has a picturesque location famous for kinds of winter sports. Suru River flowing across the lush greenery will rekindle the artist within you. It will motivate you either to draw a picture or click photos of the beautiful sight of the valley. 

Suru Valley

Suru Valley is the hidden beauty of Kargil

Karsten Valley

Karsten Valley is a bowl-shaped valley in the Sankoo Valley of Kargil. Karsten River flows across the valley before joining Suru River. The valley breeds flowers of rare species and the village of Karsten Khar on the banks of Karsten River is an ideal place for staying. Karsten Valley acts as a crossroad for the trekkers and vacationers can explore the beauty of Kargil through Sankoo and Mulbek. 

Kartse Khar

Chaste Khar is an old village in the Suru basin region of Kargil. It is a holy site for the Buddhists having an ancient 7-feet Buddha statue dating back to the 7th century. There are a hamlet and two monasteries nearby with a heavy Tibetan influence. Besides the Buddhists, those who seek serenity visit the place and indulge in the beauty of the Suru Basin region.  

suru basin

Nun Kun Mountain peaks at Suru Valley

Mountains of Nun and Kun

Nun peak with a height of 7,135 meters is the highest peak of the Suru Basin amidst the rugged Zanskar Valley. Kun mountain peak is at an altitude of 7,035 meters and the two peaks are connected by a plateau two miles apart from each other. The peak and the adjoining plateau area hold the scenic beauty of the region making Suru Basin the hidden beauty of Kargil. 

suru basin

Basin amidst the might Himalaya 

Rangdum Monastery

Rangdum Monastery is a Tibetan monastery set atop a height of 4,031 meters as a fortress. If you want to live at serenity in the Suru Basin of Kargil, there are adjoining accommodations like treehouses and bungalows. 

Shargole Monastery

You will find Shargole Monastery atop a granite cliff at Suru Basin of Kargil. The monastery is a holy site for the followers of Mahayana Buddhists having the idol of Avalokiteshvara. 


Paikhar is the base camp for adventure lovers with steep mountains and wider meadows to settle. 

suru river

Suru River flowing along the Suru Basin 

Some things to keep in mind while taking a trip to Suru Basin

The best time to visit Suru Basin is the summers having a welcoming warmth on the day and cold nights. During summers, the region is at its best with lush greenery around and a good time to visit with family and kids. But for your adrenalin rush, visit during the winter for skiing. 

Warning! The roads leading to Kargil may cause inconvenience but once you overcome it, you can explore the Suru Basin, the hidden beauty of Kargil.   

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