Dolphins that name each other…..

It is so good to watch dolphins come out of the water and play with us or do as instructed. Though we are adults, we turn into kids watching them and getting excited. Dolphins are known for their playfulness, intelligence, and friendliness. They are attracted by the sailing ships on the sea and try to swim along. Dolphins are blind and use echolocation like bats to trace the prey or any obstacles.

Image of dolphins swimming.
Dolphins try to swim along with the ships.

Into their life…

Dolphins are mammals belonging to Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins), Iniidae, and Platanistialae ( riverine dolphins). There are around 40 species of dolphins around the world that are known to us. Dolphins are carnivorous animals and live by feeding on other fishes mostly. They look beautiful with spindle-shaped bodies, beak-like snouts and are generally less than 3 meters long. We can find them in both salt and fresh water from the equatorial region to sub-polar areas all over the world.

Image of a dolphin.
Dolphins use echolocation to navigate.

Risks and threats

Dolphins face serious issues with noise pollution and are caught using ultrasonic sound. Sometimes, they accidentally get entangled in fishing nets. Construction activities across rivers are also another major threatening issue to their lives. Dolphins are captured for their oil which has very special medicinal purposes. Some dolphins are declared extinct while others are threatened under the IUCN red list. In 2019, the Indian government announced “Project Dolphin” to save their lives and protect their habitat.  

Interesting facts about dolphins

  • Unlike many other animals, dolphins are found generally in every place.
  • Amazon river is home to 4 species of riverine dolphins which are found nowhere else in the whole world.
  • Apart from other threats, dolphins are seriously affected by noise pollution in the water.
  • Dolphins are fast sprinters, so think twice if you wanna race with them.
  • Just like kids, dolphins love to make bubbles in the water and play with them.
  • Dolphins give each other unique sounds which they use to call them out as names
Image of two dolphins together.
Dolphins generally give each other names to call.


  • Dolphins have 2 stomachs, one to store food and another to digest. It seems that dolphins are foodies.
  • Dolphins are super cautious. Hence, when they sleep, they turn only one part of their brain off. They keep an eye on their team !!!!

– by Krishna Amrutha

Content Writer (Erakina By RTMN)


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