It is like an Orchid Flower with large floppy petals and kept as annual plants.

This flower is famous among gardeners, being colourful and with a beautiful fragrance they are long lasting.

Iris hollandica


     Kingdom –  Plantae

     Clades –      Tracheophytes 

     Clade –        Angiosperms

     Order-         Asparagales

     Family –      Iridaceae

     Genus-        Iris

     Species-      hollandica

It is a hybridised flowering plant species which has sprout flowers similar to  orchid flowers with silky petals.their colour ranges from pale blue to deep purple.these are grown from thickened roots called Rhizomes and teardrop bulbs.Here the bulb is thicker than rhizome as they store food energy and make the plant grow rigid. They have six petals, 3 petals upright and 3 petals lying down .

These are planted more well under sun but grow in shade part too and require well drained soil. They grow in summers in the northern hemisphere and in fall in the southern hemisphere. These are of perfect height  and look great in containers because of stems and to admire the blossoms. 

There are some other species :

  1. Dwarf Iris (Iris reticulata)
  2. Japanese Iris (Iris ensata)
  3. Morocco Iris (Iris tingitana)
  4. Spanish Iris (Iris xiphium)
  5. Tall bearded Iris ( Iris germanica)

Dutch iris is native to Portugal, Spain and North Africa these should be properly maintained as during warmer climates they can undergo foliage in the bulb and to prevent this stem and leaves as much as possible while during summer the soil must be dried so that the bulb can remain dormant and the flower can blossom next time. It only needs low nitrogen fertilizers at an early stage. Iris is used for ornamental use and it’s bulbs were resilient planted in greenhouses. They are also considered as wonderful border plants, kept in containers and indoors in  water vases. These plants are of low maintenance and any gardener can grow them.

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