We all know the famous tagline that will always be written on the crown of India and that we proudly claim as a nation to have- ‘Unity in diversity.’ The palace where varied cultural, multilingual, mixed racial people support each other and coexist peacefully.

Isn’t the term Biodiversity mean something like that?


It could be defined as a place that facilitates even the simple single cellular micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi to complex gigantic reptiles, mammals, and oxygen-providing plants.

All these species work together to maintain balance, support life, and pedal the wheel of life.

People raise preposterous questions about its need and importance so let me explain this by taking one of the crucial aspects of our lives – Food production and how various life forms are required for it (each and every life form needed is counted as L).

The fertility of the land is maintained by the earthworms (L-1). Its feces act as organic matter to the soil, essential for the sturdy growth of the plant (L-2). The plant taken up for sowing could be treated with micro-organisms (L-3) which protect it from initial pest and disease attacks. To protect the plant from leaf-eating caterpillar and sap-sucking bugs, we have beneficial predatory insects (L-4) and larva-picking birds (L-5). At the time of flowering, the role of honey bees (L-6) and few other pollinators as spiders (L-7) is commendable. When all these species are done doing their job, it’s when we get the economic part we get to sell and eat. This entire description sums up the economic importance of biodiversity. Along with this, an increasing interest of people in activities like trekking, cycling, hiking generates income through tourism for a place rich in bio-diversity.

Ladybird beetle feeding on aphids

Unchecked destruction of natural habitats for food production (agriculture), domestication, and industrialization causing climate change. Warming oceans, melting ice caps, the uneven spread of rainfalls are some consequences we are facing right now. If unattended, it’s gonna lead to nothing but worst. In short, Bio-diversity means certainty in climate.

People say – Nature has all the answers, so walk through it. What shall we walk into and question when there is no nature out there. Bio-diversity has an unpaid recreational value that can be claimed when nurtured with love. 

Image of forest with waterfall

The key to a perfect life is Balance. So the same applies to nature. When all the species co-exist, and balance is achieved universe prospers.

Therefore, protect nature to get protected.

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