• Flowers of Heather having moors with the purple colour are common in Scotland. The grounds are covered with this attractive hardy plant. It is a broadleaf evergreen plant.
Closer Image of Heather flower
  • “Calluna Vulgaris” is the name known in science and it is derived from a Greek word, “Kallune” which means “to clean or brush” and Vulgaris is a Latin word that means “common”.
  • Heather is being used as brooms for cleaning in the region where the flowering plants are commonly grown.

Do you Know?

  • Heather is also known as Scoot Heather as it is most common in Scotland. It can also be referred to as Ling Heather. 
  • The season of the blooming of the flower is summer and early spring. Moreover, they bloom in late July and go for the month of November in the northern hemisphere. Some of them also bloom until the winter. 
  • Heather is from the Ericaceae family under the Calluna genus and is found in purple, violet, or mauve colour. 
  • Nowadays it can also be found in white, pink, red, and pupils due to the cultivation of flowers. 
Image of blooming of the flower

Some Historical Aspects

  • The pants and flowers of Heather have belonged to Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia, and North America. Western Europe, Turkey, Morocco, and Siberia also consist of these flowers.
  • Scotland is popular for having the flower and it is believed that the name of the flower is the Scotland word “headdre”.
Image of Whitish pink flower
  • It was believed that Malvina was engaged to a soldier named Oscar and he was killed in battle. The messenger brings a Heather flower to convey this news to her and when she cries her tears turn the flower into white color. This reminds her of love. Since then, she wished good luck to anyone who finds a white heather flower. 
White Colour of flower

Symbol of Luck and Solitude

  • The meaning of the heather flower is good luck, protection, and admiration. Queen Victoria once said that in England the flower signifies good luck and she expressed her appreciation to the Scotland traditions for bringing the flower in two the world. 
  • It also signifies the sign of victory and the Scottish clan believed that by carrying it with them they could win the battle. 
  • Brides also carry the flower in the bouquet of White Heather on the aisle to signify good luck and fruitful union.
  • Other colors of flowers such as pink and purple mean grace and beauty, and solitude, admiration, and majesty respectively. 

Some Interesting facts

  • The flower is also considered an evergreen shrub and it is of a unique type. 
  • It blooms richly in the winter months and under the snow and people refer to it as the queen of the winter season. 
  • They grow in acidic soil and can easily adjust to any other type of soil. 
  • The plant can grow up to 30 centimetres and has needles on its branches.
Image of needled flower
  • There are different kinds of flowers that grow in certain conditions of climate and environment and they can also bloom from autumn to spring season.
  • Moreover, they can change their colours with the changing season and can become a wonderful addition to a garden. 
  • The flower produces nectar in large quantities and attracts butterflies, bees, and even moths. 
  • One season produces 30 seeds and they produce up to 150,000 seeds throughout their life. 
  • The Erica flower resembles the flower as they both belonged to the gene Calluna. Heather blooms in winters mostly and the erica flowers bloom in the summer season. 

Caring of Heather

  • The heather plant can easily care under the sun and shades. 
  • The ground should not be much frozen and can easily grow in drained soil. 
  • The soil should consist of mixed peat moss, compost, and manure to provide organic plant food to the growing plant.
Image of Heather flowers
  • Mulching is not necessary if you are growing them into the snow.
  • Wind can be harmful to the flowers and highly needs acidic soil to grow. The plant needs fertilizers like rhododendrons. 
  • Pruning is musty after the plant grows and gets dry to get healthy flowers. It further gives abundant bloom to the flower.

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