Privacy Policy

Last Updated on 26-02-2023

One of our primary concerns at Erakina, available at, is visitor privacy. This Document outlines information categories that Erakina collects and stores as well as how we use it.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further concerns or want more information concerning our privacy policy.

This privacy policy is exclusively applicable for our online operations. The data that we share/collect in Erakina is applicable for visitors to our web site. No information gathered offline or via other methods besides this website is covered by this policy.

You agree to our privacy policy and to its conditions by visiting our website.

  1. Our principles of privacy 

By keeping you informed and preserving your personal information according to the relevant legislation and regulations, we pledge to respect your privacy rights (Data Protection Laws).

You can transfer, process and keep your information on our server situated in India if you live outside India and prefer to utilise our service and supply us with your data.

  1. Information we collect from you
  2. i)  Data from your account You provide to us directly and voluntarily.

If you register or use the service, the information you provide to us can be collected and processed

  • Name-
  • Email Address-
  • Mailing Address-
  • Phone Number-
  • Interests-
  • User Name-
  • Password-
  • Other Registration Information
  • If you contact us with queries regarding your usage of our services, offer customer support or technological information.
  • Information about your transactions, purchases and the execution of the orders we supply to customers.
  • You can give us further information via campaigns or surveys.
  1. Data User Profile. In addition to the above mentioned data, we may provide you with the option of creating a user profile which may be available to other users of the services. You may also change the settings of your account via your user account if you’re a registered user. We note you may still access and read the information you supply as a part of your user profile, even if you configure your settings to keep your visitors profile private.

iii. You post public data using the Services. When you publish information on the Services’ public sections, including reviews, comments, and user contents, we, other users of the services and the public in general can collect and use that data. We highly advise you not to publish data on the Services to enable others to identify and find you or to share it with the public elsewhere.

  1. We collect data from you automatically. Besides the information you give, the services might automatically collect and analyze additional data, including:
  • Data registration data (e.g. kind of mobile device, a unique device or advertising ID of your mobile device, IP address, operating system, and browser type)
  • Settings of the device (for example, your language preference)
  • Mobile Operator
  • How you use the services information (for example, how many times you use the Services each day)
  • Requested URLs
  • Data gathered by your device location (including, for example, precise location data such as GPS and Wi-Fi information)
  • Data acquired from cookies and other tracking technologies, including, but not limited to, your IP address and domain name, the version and operating system of your browser, traffic data, location data, site logs, and other communication information and access resources.
  1. We use the information we gather to: how we utilise your information :
  • Provide, operate and maintain our Website 
  • Improve, personalize and expand our Website 
  • End and analyze how you use our Website 
  • Develop new products, services, functionalities, and services 
  • Communicate with You, directly or via one web site.
  • Finding and avoiding fraud to operate and improve the services on our sites, applications, products, and services, we and our service providers may use the data that you provide or collect through the services to communicate with you occasionally to provide you with information and information relating to the services and to fulfill obligations arising from any agreement between you and us. 
    • Provision of promotional materials and marketing. Our providers and we may use the information provided or gathered by the Services to present you with updated offers and offers if you choose to receive them. Your information may also be used by us through e-mail for marketing our products and services as per our selected business partners and, if needed by law, at the time we gather your information for marketing purposes, we shall ask for your consent. Please follow the instructions in any email you get from us detailing how you may unsubscribe, if you choose to unsubscribe, from receiving marketing information through email. Remove from receipt by us of more marketing messages. 
    • Content and links of advertisements and third parties. The services can be backed by publicity and we can engage with commercials and advertising networks to advertise the services. We may provide advertisers and advertising networks the opportunity to gather information on how you interact with the services and your mobile device when appropriate. This information may contain a single device/advertising ID for your device and accurate location data to assist analyze and provide the services and other targeted advertising (including third-party sites and applications). These marketers, advertising networks, and third parties may use cookies, pixeln, and web beacons to monitor users’ behavior online over time and over multiple websites or platforms to supply a person with tailored electronic ads. We don’t have access to or control over third-party partners’ cookies, pixels, or web beacons.
    • Processors for purchases and payment. You may pay through a third-party payment service, such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and other third-party payment services if you make an acquisition using the services. All information acquired from these payment services to process your payments is not accessible for us, unless, in connection with your use of the services, you supply us with this information differently. The information acquired from you by these payment third-party services is controlled by the data protection policy of the appropriate third-party payment service. Before sending any information to the relevant third-party payment service, you should examine the relevant privacy policy.
    • When I register for something, what information do you collect? Erakina provides access to some registration services. We can provide you with a notification about the products and services of Erakina via mail and/or postal mail with your contact information. This information may also be shared with our customers. Our customers might send you advertising material relating to the service subject you registered for. We may also use and disclose your IP address with other parties internally.
  • Which other information are you asking for?

For a survey or providing extra services, we may also require your email address or address (for example, subscriptions to e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, or information about conferences and trade shows). Whenever we ask for a visitor’s identification before the information is asked we will explicitly state the objective of the query. We have a rigorous “No-Spam,” which means that, without your agreement, or as allowed by this Privacy Policy, we do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide your e-mail address to a third party. We may send you new Erakina goods and services through email, from time to time. You may receive mailings from other third-party firms if you opt to provide your postal address online. 

  • When I buy anything, what information do you collect? 

You must know your name, e-mail address, postal address, credit card number, and expiration information if you purchase something from an Erakina media property, both us and any third-party service provider. This enables us or third-party partners to fulfill your order and inform you of the status of your order. We may also use your information to inform you of similar products and services. Without your explicit consent, Credit Card and E-Mail data shall not be distributed or sold to third parties in any way except following this Privacy Policy. Erakina shall try to include the link to this privacy policy on the page whenever Erakina collects personal information.

  • Would you communicate to other parties the information you collect?

Only, if required by law or in good faith belief that such action is essential, would Erakina reveal personal information and an IP address:

  • Cooperate with inquiries into alleged illegal acts and comply with the law edicts or judicial proceedings in Erakina.
  • Protect and protect the rights or property of or visitors to the Erakina and associated property of the Erakina, fulfilling a user’s order or request, identify people who may breach the law, the Erakina Legal Notification and the Web Site User Agreement, the rights of third persons, or any other misuse of the Erakina Network or associated property.
  • To keep the information we have been told safe, Erakina adopts appropriate steps. Erakina retains the right to provide all or part of its capital stocks or assets to all of this information relating to the sale. Moreover, we are not liable for any infringements or acts of any third party receiving information. We are not responsible or accountable for the treatment of information about third parties regarding their users.
  • Choice List of privacy policies. Opt-Out/Opt-in advertising
  • You have the chance to subscribe for targeted third-party mailings when signing up to an Erakina E-mail Newsletter. It is your option if you want these announcements. By deleting your e-mail address from the lists you may at any time cease these advertising lists, either by transferring the advertisement to or by following the instructions on the e-mail received.
  • You accept the gathering and use of information by Erakina as indicated above by using the Erakina website. This policy is subject to change.
  • We will announce these changes on this page if we decide to amend our privacy policy, so you are always informed of the information we gather, how we use it, and under what conditions we divulge it.
  • You hereby agree to our privacy policy and agree to its terms and conditions when you use our website.
  • Please cease using the service if you do not agree to that.