• Every year Happy Perfume Day is observed on 17th February in the anti-Valentine’s Week. On Perfume Day, lovers give one another perfumes as a token of their appreciation. Valentine’s week concludes on 14th February and after that, anti-Valentine’s week starts from 15th February. 17th February is the 3rd day of the anti-Valentine’s week paving for Happy Perfume Day. The day paves an opportunity for lovers to showcase their love to their dear ones by gifting them their favorite perfume brands.
  • Perfumes have always been a popular and niche choice of gift for people in love and dedicating a day to perfumes is incredible. Perfume Day provides a scope to the young lovers and people of varied ages and generations to give their loved ones a perfume of their choice. It is to express love to their beloved ones.

Perfume Day

                                                                                                           17 th February is the Happy perfume day

Perfumes can be made from flower petals

  • You want to make your love memorable and you can do so by gifting your beloved a nice perfume. The forthcoming Perfume Day on 17th February is a suitable scope for you to give your beloved a nice perfume. How will it be if you make the perfume yourself to stun him or her? Don’t worry! I will specify to you the effective steps to prepare an organic, nice-smelling perfume from flower petals.
  • I am choosing the flower petals as they emit a nice smell and can be easily sourced from your garden or the market. Just follow the following steps:
  • Collect the flower petals you like to have the perfume essence. It can be popular flowers like roses, honeysuckle, or others. 

  • Place a few cheesecloths inside a bowl where you prefer to make the perfume. It is better to have a bowl having hanging edges. It will be suitable to put the flower petals on top of the cloth to get the perfume essence. 

  • Sprinkle some water on top of the flower petals to get stuck to the cloth used for covering. Be careful to see that the edges of the cheesecloth should be hanging out of the bowl. After ensuring everything is in place, cover the bowl. 

  • Let the flower petals soak in the water throughout the night. 

  • Remove the lid of the bowl the next day. Then fold the four corners of the cheesecloth carefully to lift the pouch of the bowl along with flower petals and water inside it. 

  • Rinse the cheesecloth softly over a saucepan to extract the aroma-filled water. 

  • Boil the water at a lower heat to make it around 1 tablespoon of liquid. 

  • Lastly, let the liquid cool down and store it in a bottle. 

Your perfume is made of flower petals. If you store the perfume in a dark and cool place, away from the sunlight, the perfume stays for over a month. 

Perfume Day                                                                                 Flower petals are essential to prepare your Perfume 

Perfumes can be made from essential oils

  • You can also use essential oils to make perfumes, rather the use of essential oils along with the flowers will heighten the aesthetics of the substance. You can also use certain plants to make your choice of perfume by distilling those and drying them away from the sun. The plants need to be fitted well in the bottle and heated to 100 degrees Celsius. The boiling is a crucial aspect of the process and after proper heating, it should be condensed to extract the essence of the perfume.

perfume day

                                                                                                         To sum up the perfume day

  • A cheesecloth plays a significant role in preparing the perfume to filter the contents of the liquid. So essential oils are an alternative process to prepare homemade, organic perfumes that will be a perfect gift item for the Perfume Day celebration. Just by following some steps, one can easily prepare organic perfumes. These are not only soothing for the skin, they emit a nice fragrance that will lift the aesthetics level.

To sum up the Perfume Day

Perfume Day is a special day in the anti-Valentine’s week to give your special one, a special gift. It can be the homemade perfume made by you from flower petals or essential oils over the synthetic brands available in the market. So make this Perfume Day on 17th February memorable by gifting your loved ones a homemade perfume made of natural substances.

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By Shuvendu Modak

By Shuvendu Modak

Date: 03/02/22

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  1. Marion Sebastian

    Organic >>> Synthetic
    Also, this self-made one adds a lot more meaning to the gift. Thanks for sharing this DIY perfume.


    i loved this DIY idea!


    i loved this DIY idea! and also its a great blog!

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