• Shivaji Jayanti is a festival that is celebrated in Maharashtra. The day is celebrated as the birthday of Chhatrapati Shivaji the Valor king of the Maratha kingdom. Chhatrapati Shivaji was born on 19th february 1630 in Shivneri fort, Kusur to Shahaji and Jijabai. Shahaji was a military leader. Let’s see his history and the celebrations of the day.

History of Shivaji Jayanti

A picture of Shivaji in a stallion.

A picture of Shivaji in a stallion.

  • Jijabai named his son after a local god named Shivai to whom she prayed for a son. Well coming from a family that helps the kingdom they have some respect in the city. But his mother wants him to accomplish more than his father so she inspired him with stories like Mahabharata, and Ramayana. As a normal kid, he got more knowledge and skills from his father.
  • His father’s unsuccessful attempts in war made him learn from his mistakes. He learned military tactics, peacetime diplomacy, and Sanskrit from his father. In his later stages, he became a military leader like his father under the training of Gomaji naik and Baji Pasalkar. By his enthusiasm and his skills, he trained well and inspired many youngsters to join the army.

Chatrapati shivaji maharaj

                                                                        Chatrapati shivaji maharaj statue on raigad fort

  • At the age of 17, he attacked the Torna fort of Bijapur, Kondana, and Raigad forts and captured them. His constant efforts and skills made him a king. With his skills, he became a dominant force and by this, he expanded his kingdom. Shivaji had a rivalry with the Mughals during their time of rule.
  • He emerged in power and that triggered Mughals to suppress him by trying to assassinate him. So they sent Afzal Khan who infiltrated the palace and ended up failing. Later on, Shivaji made a plan and stabbed Afzal Khan in a meeting.[Shivaji Jayanti] With a giant war against the Mughals, Shivaji wins the war and takes control of the fort from the Mughals. 


Shivaji Jayanti

People dancing on roads

  • The festival will be celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy around the city of Maharashtra.[Shivaji Jayanti] This festival is announced as a public holiday for Maharashtra.[Shivaji Jayanti] People conduct cultural programs, stage performances, and some groups of people form a parade and go on a trip into the city by holding the flags in vehicles and showing their love to Shivaji.[Shivaji Jayanti]
  • The festival will be too crowded with the youngsters and it will be like a party in the whole town.[Shivaji Jayanti] These are the ways people show honor for the emperor who saved the country from the foreign rule.[Shivaji Jayanti]

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