• Wastage of Flowers The flower is a major commodity that is been sold all over the world. Flowers are nowadays a companion for women in households, some keep them on their heads, some buy those for doing Pooja’s, and at last the temple for decoration.Wastage of Flowers The flowers are scientifically proven they reduce stress, lite up the mood, and make the surroundings peaceful.[Wastage of Flowers]
  • [Wastage of flowers] It is a commodity that can be used every day and in every season, at festivals, and even in funerals to show our love to the person who will be no longer with us. Let us see some of the ways how Flowers are wasted and that affect nature and the environment.


Flowers purpose and human uses:

                                                                                                            A Butterfly in the process of pollination

  •  A flower is a source of many plants. It is the one thing that makes the ecosystem balanced and preserves nature. A flower’s parts like petals, grains, pollen, and nectar are used in its reproduction. The reproduction is done asexually and most of the time with the help of Pollinators. Pollinators are the insects that sit on a flower and carry the grains from one flower to another for reproduction. The flowers are the source of seeds for the plants and food. Many flowers are the food for Pollinators.
  • The plants produce Angiosperm. The angiosperm is the main food source for humans. The foods like Wheat, rye, corn, and other grains are harvested with the help of angiosperm. Having this many qualities in it is going to waste in today’s world. The flowers are now plucked and gathered in a bunch for commercial purposes. Most of the literates and illiterates are having a flower business.
  • The flowers are used today for decoration purposes, for celebrations, for matrimonial purposes, and in temples for decorating gods. The usage of flowers is increased more and its demands are higher according to the occasions. 


Human merit and Nature’s demerit: Wastage of flowers

                                                                                                    A woman placing the flowers plants in a container

  •   The only day when the whole world buys flowers and makes them waste after usage is Valentine’s day. The people buy flowers to give to their loved ones to show how much they mean to them.[Wastage of flowers] The flowers are bought in a bunch and it is given to the loved ones and a maximum of one hour the flowers are gone to the garbage. Only a few people try to make them valuable by preserving them from ruining and planting them. By this, the flowers lose their value.[Wastage of flowers]
  • By the demand for flowers, pollinators are left without food and purpose. This makes a slight unbalance in nature. This can make some plant species extinct. Some of the pollinators are going on the path of extinction because of this.[Wastage of flowers] The Roses are the ones that attract the Bees for pollination. The attraction makes the bees curious and the pollination of seed are done. This will make a cute scene and the nature balanced.
  • By the flowers going to the garbage affects the value of them and it causes pollution.

Pink roses Wastage of flowers

                                                                                                                           A pollinator on its job

  • In India most of the flowers are thrown into the river after use, this pollutes the water with pesticides that are used on the flower to grow. Some of the entrepreneurs use this as an idea and make the flowers that are thrown in the river to recycle.[Wastage of flowers] This recycling is used in making different products like Bathing soaps, Incense sticks, etc. Another impact of flower wastage affects the economy a little.
  • According to some estimates, the one in three bites of food that we eat is because of the pollinators and flowers. Instead of buying flowers give them a plant with a flower, in that case, they can grow the tree and we can impress them with our love. Love is never bought by flowers and stuff it is a feeling that connects both hearts.[Wastage of flowers] So let us not waste the flowers and celebrate the events in a way that will never affect nature’s balance.[Wastage of flowers]

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By Mukesh Kumar U M

By Mukesh Kumar U M

Date: 03/02/2022

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