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The rivers and the oceans are the only bigger water supply that people rely on every day. The river formation gives people many advantages and as well as disadvantages too. Today we are going to discuss the longest and the most famous river Padma of Bangladesh. 

Padma River

padma river

Sunset on the river Padma

River Padma is located in Bangladesh and is long and famous in the city. The name, Padma denotes the Lotus flower in Sanskrit. Padma river has connections between rivers like the Meghna river, Bhagirathi river, and the Ganges. The river has its vast and short channels in its way. The wide Padma river splits into several channels that pass many sandbanks and islands. People travel across the lake by ferry rides that carry vehicles, loads, and people. The ferry ride is a very famous and efficient transport for the people of Bangladesh. But on rainy days steamers find it difficult to cross the river due to the long waves.

planning to build a dam on Padma River

Some of the channels of the Padma that lie in sand beds are always hazardous to people who live near them. Nearly a hundred hectares of land has got eroded by the river. The reason is that the free river flowing through the sand beds is lower in strength to maintain the streamline of the river. So many people who live near the sand beds are suffering from losing their houses to erosion. The erosion can wipe out 1km of land that is close to the river within 2 hours. Government is planning to build a dam to protect the people and their belongings. 

river padma

Satellite image of River Padma Pattern

Phenomenon about Padma River

Due to the sand bed’s erosion in their channels the river changes its patterns and size. NASA has observed this phenomenon for 30 years and has a detailed picture to prove it. The erosion and sediments they carry within their streamline make the river change patterns and look braided. 

  • roads and trains

Many people use ferry boat rides to cross the city from Mawa to Zajira Upazila. If people miss the ferry they need to wait for 4-6 hours. So the Bangladesh government came up with a plan to build a huge bridge of 14 km in length for transport. They decided to build a multi-purpose bridge of roads and trains. 

  • China Marvel

The project Padma bridge is handed over to China. The Chinese architects and engineers gave their full soul effort to create a masterpiece for Bangladesh. Engineers had a difficult task to build the bridge because of the erosion problems of the land. By overcoming all problems they built the bridge and completed the project successfully. The 14km bridge with its unique speciality makes the bridge an architectural marvel.

padma bridge

 The Padma bridge

The time of Padma Bridge construction

The Padma Bridge is the Bangladesh’s largest, estimated at US$3 billion to finish. The bridge was inaugurated on 25 June 2022. It was supposed to be open to the public in 2013.

  • World bank refuse to give loan

However, the future of the project became uncertain when in June 2012 the World Bank cancelled its $1.2 billion loan over corruption allegations. In June 2014, the government of Bangladesh, proceeding without the loan, hired a Chinese firm to construct the 6.15-kilometre (3.82 million) main part of the bridge; in October 2014, it hired a South Korean firm to supervise construction, with the aim of finishing the project by 2018. The final (41st) span of the bridge was installed on 10 December 2020. The last road slab was installed on the span that linked the pillars 12 and 13 of the Padma bridge on 24 August 2021.[15][16]

  • Beautyful Padma Bridge

Tourists can go boating under the Padma bridge and can see the marvellous 41 pillars along the bridge and its architecture. These are some of the facts about the river Padma and its features.

  • Some Historical point about Padma River 

The river is 120 kilometers in length and most of the river channels are situated in sand beds. The major rivers like Meghna, Jamuna, and Hooghly rivers are in between Ganges and Padma rivers. The starting point of the Ganges and Padma meeting is in the Kushtia district. also read this Amazing fact about Nungu sherbet and their recipe

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