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Published Date : May 28, 2022

Saffron is frequently known as “the Red Gold”. It is a labor-intensive crop, which makes it so steeply priced. There are many benefits to saffron, which makes it even more unique.

Red thread like saffron spice

Saffron is a spice derived from the thread-like structures, called stigmas, of the Crocus Sativus flower, which is normally referred to as the “saffron crocus”. The vivid red stigma and patterns, called threads, are accumulated and dried to be used, especially as a seasoning and colouring agent in meals.

Excellent saffron crop production necessitates cold, dry weather, well-tired, rich, fertile soil, irrigation centers, and enough rainfall.Saffron is extremely subtle and fragrant. The slightly sweet, costly flavour is totally enigmatic and instantly recognisable in a dish. This distinguished spice is a native of Southern Europe and is now grown in many countries, particularly Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Iran and the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Italy, Iran and Spain account for most of the world’s largest saffron producers, with Iran itself producing 90% of the world’s delivery.

For years, saffron has been the most expensive spice in the world, sold by weight. Saffron should be stored in a hermetic field in a cool, dark place for up to six months for maximum flavor. It will not wreck, but it’s going to lose an increasing amount of its taste with age.

Cultivation of sensitive saffron

Each flower produces three stigmas of saffron, and it blooms for only one week every twelve months. Each thread of saffron is handpicked because it grows inside the innermost part of the flower. The flower grows 6 inches from the ground and needs to be plucked by hand to avoid harm to the stigmas. The saffron must be plucked at mid-morning, when the flowers are nevertheless closed, to guard the delicate stigmas.

Crocus sativus

Blooming saffron in flowers of crocus sativus

It takes about 1,000 plants to supply just one ounce of saffron. Then comes the meticulous work of carefully eliminating the stigmas from the flora by hand, after which drying them in a manner wherein the saffron will lose as much as 80% of its approximate weight. It takes approximately 70, 000 crocus blossoms or 210,000 stigmas to yield only a pound of saffron. The wholesale price of a pound of saffron can vary from as low as $500 to as much as $5,000, with retail expenses ranging from $5,000 per pound to $10,000. 

The cultivation of saffron is a tradition of art. The technique of cultivation of the Crocus is tedious. This explains why saffron spice came to be so valuable as to be called the “red gold”.

Various uses of saffron:

  • Wherever saffron is grown, ingredients have been developed to show off its magic. The French have bouillabaisse, the Italians have risotto Milanese, the Spanish have paella, India has biryani, curry, and kulfi, and Iran has an entire host of saffron-infused dishes. By infusing the saffron in a liquid and letting it steep for half an hour, one will be capable of delivering the overall taste, colour and aroma, which are the hallmarks of the spice.


Saffron infused in hot water

  • Apart from having a unique coloration and flavor, saffron is rich in vitamins like vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin C.

veg Italian

 Risotto with saffron on a plate

  • Saffron improves our quality of sleep. It lets you doze off quickly and get deeper, higher quality sleep.
  • It has been proven to have a remarkable effect on improving reminiscence and learning. Especially with individuals who suffer from mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disorder, saffron helps improve cognitive function.
  • Saffron and its compounds have been proven to selectively kill colon cancer cells or suppress their growth, whilst leaving normal cells unhurt.
  • Saffron helps to brighten one’s mood. It is highly effective in curing moderate-to-mild depression.
  • Saffron acts as an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs are dietary supplements that boost your libido. It aids in improving erectile function and libido.
  • It is a stimulant tonic that is effective in  treating colds and fever; saffron mixed with milk and applied to the forehead quickly relieves cold.
  • Saffron is used by women to relieve period cramps and premenstrual syndrome.Men use it to stop early orgasm and gravidity.
  • Some people apply saffron to the crown for baldness.

Simran Jain

2 May 2022

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