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Published Date : March 26, 2022


Marked with fasting and prayers, Mahavir Jayanti is the most significant festival and spiritual holiday of the Jain community. This year, in 2022, the festival is celebrated on April 14th. Also popular as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak, nowadays, the birthday of Lord Mahavira, who was the 24th, and also the Tirthankara, is well known.

This festival falls either within March or April, every year, as per the New Style calendar. Going by the Jain texts, Lord Mahavira was born in 599 BCE within the Chaitra month on the 13th day of the intense 1/2 the moon. However, his date of birth is the subject of debate between the 2 sects of Jainism – Digambaras and Svetambaras. While the latter claim that he was born in 599 BC, the previous believe it was in 615 BC that he took birth.


Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara

The spiritual successor of Parshvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara, in keeping with the Jain traditions, he was born in a very royal Kshatriya family within the present-day Vaishali district of Bihar. At the age of 30, he became an ascetic and left all the materialistic possessions, including his home, in search of spiritual awakening.

Lord Mahavira then practiced harsh austerities and intense meditation for over 10 years, successfully attaining Kevala Jnana, which is omniscience in Jainism. After making the planet a more robust place together with his preaching for 30 long years, within the 6th century BC, he attained Moksha or salvation.

History Of Mahavir Jayanti

Legend has it that every one the mandatory qualities of a Tirthankara were acquired by the Lord in his previous birth only. It’s said that 6 months previous to his birth, the supreme powers, unitedly, created an environment apt for his birth and also lessened on Earth to bless his mother.

To eliminate poverty and make the globe a higher place, before Lord Mahavira’s birth, wealth was showered too from heaven.

Mahavira was born at 4 am

To eliminate poverty before Lord Mahavira’s birth, wealth was showered too from heaven.

The Lord was then born at 4 am a time which is taken into account to be auspicious in both the religions – Hindu yet as Jainism. Before the 24th Tirthankara was born, his mother saw 16 dreams. Here they’re with their significance.

  • White Elephant- A girl to allow birth to a baby with high moral values
  • Lion- The one with leadership qualities
  • Goddess Lakshmi- Prosperity and wealth
  • Full Moon- Support and peace
  • Pair of Jumping Fish- One with a horny appearance
  • Sun- Supreme knowledge
  • Lake with lots of Lotus Flowers- The one with compassionate nature 
  • Celestial Palace- Spirituality
  • Throne product of Diamonds and Rubies- The person will become a world teacher
  • Garland- Popularity & admiration from the society
  • Bull- Signifying the birth of a spiritual teacher to spread peace and knowledge
  • Mandara Flowers- Politeness and Softness
  • Golden Pot- Signifying wealth
  • A Gems-Filled Vessel- Wisdom and virtues
  • Rough Ocean- Attaining achievement beyond expectations
  • Residence of Nagendra- A baby born with clairvoyance

It is said that soon after his birth, all the three worlds of the Universe were happy and cheerful. Many gods and goddesses even visited him on earth at the time of his birth, naming him (Samvati, Ativira, Mahavira, Vir, and Vardhaman) and bathing him ceremonially.

After meditating for 12 years under an Ashok Tree, he attained enlightenment after which the gods, in a very palanquin, took him to a park where he was seated on a five-tiered throne and came to be referred to as Mahavira.

According to the folklore, he then removed all his clothes and tore his hair far away from the roots. This part is also a touch disputed because the Digambaras believe that Mahavira wore no clothes after he took over the throne, but Svetambaras, on the opposite hand, believed that Lord Indra did present Lord Mahavira with a white robe.

In his life, after attaining enlightenment, he prohibited any form of killing, preaching non-violence. Every year on Lord Mahavira’s birth anniversary the Jain community not just celebrates it but also ensures bringing into practice all his teachings.

Major Attractions Of Mahavir Jayanti 2022

  1. The Rituals that Follow

Jain temple

It is important to visit the temple on Mahavir Jayanti

In this day and age, a quick is observed throughout the day, and also the puja room of the home is decorated with flowers. The followers of the religion then visit temples to witness the grandness of the day. In many households, the idol of Lord Mahaveera is additionally given a ceremonial bath and is then offered milk, fruits, and rice.

  1. Researching the Teachings

The philosophy of Lord Mahavira on ethics, core values, and spiritual freedom is preached. Poor are given food, money additionally as clothing, and kheer is ready and served reception.

  1. Visiting Temples

Across the state several temples are built for Lord Mahavira, the foremost famous being – Dilwara Temples and Ranakpur Temple in Rajasthan, Gomateshwara Temple in Karnataka, Palitana Temples in Gujarat, Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh, and last but not the smallest amount, Mahavirswami Jain Water Temple in Bihar.

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