The precious pods-Erakina

Published Date : March 23, 2022

green cardamom

close-up of green cardamoms

The best of memories,

Lie encased in a pod.

The pod of a spice, 

With an earthly delight,

And an aromatic essence,

That recalls it all!

cardamom tea

close-up of cardamom tea

The rainy eve of antakshari,

With a cup of tea,

And some ecstasy,

Tied to a childhood memory.

And who would forget,

The mystical essence,

In a bowl of kheer,

And the plate of biryani,

That beholds the bead.

And the savoury spice,

Continues to delight,

With its flavours, sweet and spice!

cardamom in desserts

close-up of kheer garnished with the magical pods

Cardamoms for the cuisines,

Cardamoms for memories,

Cardamoms for health,

And cardamoms for life,

Who wouldn’t love,

The precious pods of the floral spice,

That beholds it all,

From memories to the culinary delights!

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