Fire Incident happens in Burundi Prison, kills 38 inmates-Erakina

  • The fire incidents happen at the main prison of Gitega, the capital of Burundi. The fire has killed at least 38 inmates and nearly 70 people were injured, the vice president of the country said. 
Fire Incident
Image of fire broken at Burundi Prison

  • Twelve people die were from asphyxia as they have tried to flee from the burning building and 26 die due to severe injuries. The information is provided by the Vice President of the country Prosper Bazombanza.
  • Further, Vice President has not specified the particular cause of the blaze. Two local residents said that fire broke out before dawn.
  • The fire was still raging. Many of the dead prisoners were elderly prisoners and body have been taken by ambulance.
  • Moreover, a resident who arrived at the prison told that the ambulances have taken the dead bodies from the scene. He also said the building is still burning.

The prison has seen the fire blaze earlier in August. Electrical Problem was the caused specified by the authorities for the fire. But there were no casualties. 


By Ramanjot Kaur

Content Writer(Erakina by RTMN)

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