About Icecream bean 

  • Ice cream beans are a member of the Fabaceae family which is the same as peanuts, green beans, and shelling beans. The growth of ice cream beans is quick, they usually fruit within three years after germinating. The fruit of the ice cream bean is sweet-tasting, the ice cream bean tree improves the fertility of the soil.
  • The interior of an ice cream bean is pulpy and a great source of dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and anti- inflammatories. The ice cream bean is native from Mexico to the Amazon forest and is cultivated in tropic and subtropic climates all over the world. Ice cream beans are available in all seasons and throughout the year.

Scientific classification 

image of ice cream beans placed on each other

An image of ice cream beans placed on each other 

  • Kingdom – Plantae 
  • Class – Tracheophytes 
  • Class – Angiosperms
  • Class – Eudicots 
  • Class – Rosids 
  • Order – Fabales 
  • Family – Fabaceae 
  • Subfamily – Caesalpinioideae 
  • Class – Mimosoid clade 
  • Genus – Inga 
  • Species – I. edulis

Physical description and properties of ice cream bean

 Ice cream bean

                                                                      An image of ice cream beans placed on each other 

  • The height of ice cream bean trees is usually seventeen meters and the canopies spread broadly which is used for shading over other crops.The flowers of the ice cream bean are yellow and white like a pom pom, which blooms into bean pods.
  • The ice cream beans are three to two meters long, the interior of the ice cream bean has a thick fibrous wall and the beans are cottony pulp, white and the flavor is like vanilla ice cream. The seeds of ice cream beans are large and black or green, the seeds are inedible when raw and must be cooked to be edible.

Growing and caring of Ice cream bean 

  • Ice cream bean trees require warm temperatures to thrive, along with warm temperatures they need sunlight most of the day so the tree should be placed in a location that receives maximum sunlight. Ice cream beans also require well-drained soil. Ice cream bean trees can be grown from seeds, the seeds should be cleaned before planting.
  • The seeds should be planted 2 cm deep in a 15cm pot that is filled with soil and fertilizers. The pot then should be placed in a sunny location so that the heat can keep the surface of the soil warm. The tree should be watered regularly, though the tree once grown can survive through a drought.
  • Around the tree, there should be a weed-free zone for one meter so that there is no competition for moisture. Ice cream bean trees produce their nitrogen so the trees do not need nitrogen fertilizer. The beans can be harvested when needed, the beans fall off by themselves so there are no larger harvests.
  • The trees should be grown in the ground as they do not grow to their full potential in containers and remain small and produce fewer beans. Ice cream bean trees need periodic pruning for maintaining their good health and appearance. The branches should be removed in late winter to open the canopy for sunlight penetration and air circulation.

 Ice cream bean

An image of an opened ice cream bean

  • Ice cream beans contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C, also protein and fiber. Vitamin A in ice cream beans is good for maintaining eye health, regular consumption of ice cream beans makes the vision clearer and sharper. It also prevents night blindness and cataracts.
  • Ice cream beans are low in calories and cholesterol which is good for weight loss and controlling cholesterol. The proteins in ice cream beans are good for muscle health and development. Ice cream beans are rich in antioxidants which help in removing toxins from the body.
  • Apart from removing toxins, the antioxidants help in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety and bring positivity and high energy. They also help in treating headaches. The seeds of ice cream beans are highly nutritious and are an excellent solution for people suffering from dysentry. 
  • The ice cream bean consists of chymotrypsin and trypsin, which helps in the digestion of food as they convert proteins into amino acids. The chymotrypsin also reduces chronic gas. Ice cream beans have anti-cancer components such as gallic acid, epicatechin, and flavonol quercetin, regular consumption of ice cream beans can reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Ice cream beans consist of anti-inflammatory properties which treat rheumatism which is caused by inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. The anti-inflammatory properties help to keep the bones strong and give relief from pain.


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By Sanket Sawant

By Sanket Sawant

Date: 27/01/2022

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