Water Pollution-Erakina

Published Date : February 21, 2022

The problem that you are going to read now is profoundly a greater cause of concern than what it is felt and described by others. One of the most important resources available to humans is the water sources but the pollution in them destroys the volatility and availability of water resources in them. So what is water pollution and what causes water pollution, effects, etc. 

In this blog you are going to read about:

Water Pollution by industries; Water Pollution, Acid Rain

Industrial waste cause water pollution

What is meant by Water Pollution?

Water Pollution is meant by the presence of contaminated substances in the water bodies including rivers, oceans, lakes, etc. due to a result of many reasons such as human activities, industrial production, deforestation, etc…

Causes of Water Pollution:

There are a variety of causes of water pollution. It includes washing clothes in the river to rapid urban development. There is diversification like causes such as human causes and natural causes. Human causes are the main cause of water pollution. 

water pollution

Industrial waste mixing in water

Here are a few of the causes of water pollution:

Acid Rain

Acid rain causing water pollution

Effects of Water pollution


How to Prevent water pollution?

Industries should not dispose of the waste directly into the water bodies. A proper waste disposal system should be followed to reduce contamination.

The use of fertilizers, pesticides, and various other chemicals used in agriculture should be reduced.


 Water should be conserved in order to stop groundwater and other sources from depleting. Various conservation techniques should be effectively followed.

Human activities such as bathing and washing clothes in rivers should be stopped. Proper awareness among people should be in place in order to save water resources from contamination.


Be a Responsible citizen:

The first step every citizen should do is to be responsible. You should not pollute water and raise awareness among society. The majority of effects of water pollution will be felt by the next generation as the resources are getting depleted day by day.  With simple and proper steps, a major Crashdown can be avoided.

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  1. balaji veeramalli

    I leave in a gated community where around 300 families leave just imagine how much water is wasted every day rather than using flush if you use bucket you can save lots of water there are places where people don’t have water to drink so water is so precious please don’t pollute it

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