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High Time To Realize Our Responsibility- Erakina

  • endangered plant species  Have we ever awakened and realized the different complications our nature is facing and fighting every day to save its existence?[endangered plant species] Never, right? Now is the time.

India In Terms Of Flora Species

  • India is one of the countries with high biodiversity because of the large number of Flora and Fauna species it holds. It comes under the megadiverse countries in the world.
  • We have lost a lot of essential flora species so far and still, there are numbers of the species which are either endangered, critically endangered or on the verge of extinction and we continue to face these losses unless required measures are not taken soon. 

Lotus Corniculatus - flora

One of the rare plant species of Gujrat and commonly known as Bird’s Foot.  

  • It is quite obvious that India is not the only country with such issues, many other countries are losing their species as well but India is known as that country that doesn’t just understand the importance of its resources but also these plants and trees are considered as gods and Indians worship them. It would be mortifying for the Indians to lose our flora even after learning to respect them.
  • Our government must, with no further delay, realize how crucial and fragile this matter is and start introducing some strict actions to conserve the plant species of our country.[endangered plant species ] According to a recent survey, there are more than 100 tree species with high economic value that have become critically endangered in western ghats. 

Let’s Take A Look At Those Endangered Species

Malabar Mahogany 

 Mahogany Trees.

Number of Tall Mahogany Trees in the Forest. 

  • Malabar Mahogany found in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu can grow up to 30 to 60 meters high. They are straight, sturdy, and long and are widely used in furniture and the balsam from its bark is used in curing Gonorrhea. [endangered plant species ]Due to over-harvesting and low reproduction rates, its habitat is destructing making it an endangered species.[endangered plant species ] 


Ebony TreeTrunks of Ebony Tree.

  • Ebony(Diospyros ebenum) belongs to the genus Diospyros produces dense black/brown hardwood.  Its wood is used for multiple purposes from making mini crafts to making instruments, they are highly in demand.[endangered plant species ] Due to its slow growth and high demand, it has become an endangered species.[endangered plant species ]


Pterospermum reticulatum endangered plant species

A leaf of Malayuram tree. 

  • They are found in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, are the large and medium-sized trees that reach up to 18 meters high and up to 45 cm in diameter, commonly known as South Indian Kanak Champa. The plant is only found in India. [endangered plant species ]Evasion alien species are responsible for their habitat destruction which has made the species endangered. 


Ceropegia odorata

Unique Flowers of Jeemikanda Plant. 

  • This plant is found only in a few places in India: Gujrat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. They are only found at a high altitude of around 3000 meters where humans can not reach. It is one of the species of the genus whose flowers possess a strong fragrance hence called ‘odorata’.
  • They hold some medicinal properties, chewing them cures stomach pain, and its tuber’s juice helps in medications of the eyes. They are critically endangered and even extinct in some parts that were once found.[endangered plant species ] 

Why Are Plant Species Becoming Endangered?

  • Habitat destruction, usually for farming purposes and construction of buildings, cities, roads, and regulated-flow river systems is one of the major causes of the plant species becoming endangered as they lose their native and favorable habitat. 
  • Deforestation of the trees for their timbers makes them endangered.
  • Climate change is also affecting their numbers, though at a slow pace but soon it will become one of the major causes. 

How Endangered Plant Species Can Be Conserved At Small Levels?

  • Conservation of habitat of the plant species that are endangered or can go endangered soon by removing the nonnative species and keeping the land free for the native species. 
  • Restoring the wetlands in areas to conserve the natural habitats. 
  • Do not make any changes or disturb the natural habitat where endangered plants are growing as they are very sensitive to the habitat and may not survive in changed conditions. 
  • The use of herbicides and pesticides should be a controlled amount. 
  • Study about the native plants which are endangered and try to preserve them if found.            
  • Other than these practices, certain rules and regulations should be strictly formulated by the government to protect endangered species. Surveys should be organized timely, identification of the particular plant species population in a particular area, if a species is endangered then determining the factors that are responsible and implementing various practices to deal with those factors to save the species. 
  • Sadly, we shed tears on someone’s death but hundreds and thousands of plant and animal species are being exploited all over and we do not just avoid it but do not even realize that these issues are also the big concerns of our ecosystems. Every single life which once born is important whether it is plants, animals, or humans. 

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By Vaidehee Bhawsar

By Vaidehee Bhawsar

Date: 27/01/20

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