About us

Welcome To ERAKINA

Erakina is an information media as well as e-commerce company by RTMN. We are an information company that educates people regarding nature, where we deal with all sorts of information related to nature and help people to enhance their knowledge about our surroundings, we cover all the information about agriculture & food, animals, business & industry, ecology, life sciences, microbes, animal learning and intelligence, earth science, education & learning, environmental issues, environmental science, natural disasters, fossils & ruins, anthropology, archaeology, evolution, paleontology, pet, photography, story, place to visit, about any place.

Erakina provides the best information in the form of blogs, articles, news, and videos. Of all our topics related to nature. Erakina aims to spread awareness about nature and deliver cost-effective products to lead you towards healthy natural life.

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Our Principles

Integrity- We preserve the authenticity of the information and publish 100% correct information.
Communication- We try our best to present the most complex information also in simplified form so that everyone can understand everything easily.
Transparency- We promote 100% transparency.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to educate people more about nature and connect them with nature.

Erakina has a core vision to drive ventures to lead by being unique, innovative, and outstanding ideas.

Erakina tends to be innovative around the world, by spreading awareness about nature and promises to deliver updated information about nature and try to fulfill the requirements of the customers by providing nature-related products.

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