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On October 28th, 2021 around 11:35 a.m. EDT, there was a solar flare with a significant effect and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) occurred. However, the effect was visible till 30-31 October. The effect was known as G3 Geomagnetic Storm.

What is a Geomagnetic Storm?

Like the atmosphere, our Earth also has a magnetosphere that protects us from the space environment. When this magnetosphere is disturbed due to highly magnetized particles from the sun, that geographical cum space event is called Geomagnetic Storm.

If we compare it with the wave of water in the tsunami, this solar flare has hot plasma and magnetism roughly 62,000 miles huge and it has the mad run through the solar system at a speed of 560,000 mph.

There is a warning signal system to understand the severity of this Geomagnetic Storm. These signals are rated on a 1 to 5 scale, 1 stands for the normal while 5 means the powerful intensity of the storm. 

What happens during Geomagnetic Storm?

Solar flare illusions (Geomagnetic Storm)

Illusion of solar flare in the yellow hemisphere.(Geomagnetic Storm)

  • During Geomagnetic storm situation, solar matter from the sun dashed with the Earth at a high speed. As a result, the surrounding magnetic field is disturbed, at the same time; some magical light appears in the skies of some part of the Earth known as auroras.
  • Now, this sun matters and adds its powerful magnetic field and a set of electric currents on the ground.

Does it cause anything serious?

  • Well, the storm type G1 also can create some problems like lowering the power grid fluctuations and minor disturbances in satellite operations. The most intense storm happened in 1859.
  • Apart from the illuminating effect in the sky it also resulted in the malfunction of the telegraph and electrocuting operators. This event also became the reason for releasing a large amount of plasma and radiation into the atmosphere of the Earth.
  • Above all these unexpected activities in the Sun’s magnetic field can result in a slow-moving cloud of charged particles. This is all about the G3 level storm effects.

What do scientists say about Geomagnetic Storm?

  • The team of scientists was trying to find out about the outcome of the unfolding of this solar tsunami where there could be two subsequent blasts of the solar flare. In the beginning, CME impacted the earth early on August 27th, 2021 in a brilliant light show around the northern latitudes.
  • But that time it was more than that. This Aurora is also known as the “Northern Lights” because it can be seen every time from the parts of northern Michigan and Maine to points north.
  • Space Weather Prediction Centre declares that dark areas on the Sun are noted as coronal holes. These holes have less temperature so they appear as dark parts. This is the same part in which Solar scientists are interested to study the post solar eclipse.
  • These Coronal holes can be seen in extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray images. Usually, these coronal holes can be easily seen near the Sun’s equator; as a result, the stronger solar wind can arrive at Earth. Normally when this happened it goes up to level G1- G2 geomagnetic storm, at the same time can go up to G3 level.
  • Some other scientists also want to inspect the event through satellite. These satellites can tell them the exact time of solar wind arrival and its intensity. They want to note down several things like:
  •  Temperature changes
  •  Particle density state
  •  Interplanetary magnetic field (IMF)

Geomagnetic Storm

Image of Geomagetic Storm that might have hit earth

What can we do?

  • Nothing!!! Yes, you read rightly. In the year 1859, it damaged the telegraph system. But at present, we do not have to worry about any such precautions related to that.
  • At that time under the aurora when the sky was extremely bright in the middle of the night also, people tried to read the newspaper and people from California also witnessed the early sunrise.
  • So if you are sure about the aurora in your geographic area, you can also enjoy the vivid aurora and capture the memory in your phone camera and share it on social media platforms, and earned many likes and comments.
  • If not possible to see in your hemisphere then keep waiting for the post from another hemisphere. And don’t forget to share that.

Northern lights in the sky Geomagnetic Storm

Illuminating sky due to geomagnetic storm in space.

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