26 January:The day of Celebration: The Republic day


Republic day parade.
People formed groups for parsing the streets.

The country India is one of the oldest civilizations with different cultural heritage. The country is developed on its own from the independence in 1947. The country is one of the most important contributors to agricultural production within the world. The geographical land of India covers around 32,87,263sq km that starts from the good Himalayan Mountains to Kanyakumari the harbor employed in the amount of Cholas, Cheras, Pandya, and British. The famous bridge of Pamban and also the wildlife sanctuaries make the country a self-developed country stuffed with dreams. 


This happened due to the nice minds of individuals trying to create their own democratic government to rule themselves. The constitution of India which was adopted by the constituent assembly on November 26, 1949, came into effect on January 26, 1950. This made the country India become an Independent country to have a democratic government. This day January 26 is also selected as republic day because on this day the Indian National Congress announced the declaration of Indian independence in 1929. 


The people of India on August 15 1947 get independence from the British by the act of Indian independence. On August 29, 1947, the people take a resolution and pass an appointment to the drafting committee of India which was led by the great mind, Dr. BR. Ambedkar as chairman. By the independence, people wherein the celebration of it. But some minds thought we might well as form an own government institution. So the committee members prepare a draft passed to the constituent assembly on November 4, 1947.


After serious consideration ad meetings with people on January 24, 1950, 308 members signed handwritten documents in Hindi and in English. After 2 days it came into the effect throughout the full of India. On that day Dr. Rajendra prasad become the first president of India. The constituent assembly becomes the parliament of India because of the new law of forming the own government. After the country become a republic, January 26 is taken into account as a government holiday for celebrating the day. 


People of India celebrate republic day in an exceedingly classy way of arranging events performed by kids and adults and by government officials. This is often the day that confirms that the rule of the land officially involves an end. Schools all around India celebrate Republic day by inviting a chief guest and conducting events like Dancing, kids singing national songs, Costume Contest, and pyramids. Speech competition about the liberty fighters and eventually after the vote of thanks all people stand together and sing National Anthem to finish the day. Some schools conduct their sports day on republic day by conducting the sports event in front of the chief guests and receiving medals of honor by winning the events.


The day during which the people of all religions and cast can take part to single people called Indians and that they celebrate the day. Some big apartment people celebrate the day by conducting small sports like chess, carrom, running, etc. On the evening of the day, the president of India distributes the Padma award which is the second most prestigious award after the Bharat Ratna. The awards are three categories like 

  • Padma Vibhushan.
  • Padma Bhusan.
  • Padma Shri.


The Padma Vibhushan award is given to the folks that are phenomenal and distinguished in their service. The Padma Bhusan award is given to the people for or her distinguished service for higher-order. The Padma Shri is given to the people of distinguished service. The Padma awards are often given to anybody except the doctors. 


The list of fieldwork that is eligible for the Padma awards is as follows.


  • Art( Music, painting, cinema, theatre, photography, and sculpture.)
  • Social work( Welfare work, charitable service, contribution to community projects, etc)
  • Public affairs( Law, public life, politics, etc)
  • Trade and Industry( Banking, Economic activity, Business, etc)
  • Sports( Athletics, popular sports, Mountaineering, yoga, etc)
  • Science&Engineering( Nuclear science, IT, Space Engineering, etc)
  • Medicine(Medical research, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc) and etc.


This is the day of celebration for the people of India and a proud day for the winners and for the liberty fighters who died for their goal of achieving freedom.


By Mukesh Kumar U M



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