10 Rose Flower Meanings you Should Know to Pick the Perfect Bloom

Rose is a species of woody perennial flowering plant of family Rosaceae, with scientific genus Rosa. There are tens of thousands of cultivars and more than 300 species of roses. They form a category of plants with stems that are usually covered in tiny prickles. Their flowers range in size and form, are typically beautiful, and come in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, and red. Fewer species are native to Europe, North America, and Northwest Africa and the majority are native to Asia. 

The flower has been there for millions of years, and the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were among its early admirers for its beauty and scent. The flower is liked all around the world and is often used in bouquets or planted as a shrub or climbing plant in gardens. Roses are one of the most common flowers used for celebrations like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. This stunning flower is noted for its color and scent as well as for being the flower with the most intense significance. 

 Rose flower
Red rose flower

Roses come in over 300 different varieties, each with a unique length, size, color, and scent. In addition to roses cultivated for cutting, there are also roses grown for garden flowers. There are short, medium, and long variations of the cut roses. The three types of roses used in gardens are climbing, standard, and shrub roses. 

The symbolic value of different rose flowers

The symbolism of the rose varies depending on its color. Read more to understand ​​what the different colors of roses symbolize. 

#1 The Red rose: It represents friendship, love, loyalty, and respect. Sending a lovely bouquet of red roses is a lovely way to show someone that you care for them. Additionally, it represents excellence and beauty. Bordeaux red roses stand for loss and sadness because of their color. As a result, funerals frequently use these roses.

#2 Pink rose: It symbolizes a variety of emotions, including joy, elegance, romance, admiration, and appreciation. A rose in salmon pink represents excitement and passion. A dark pink rose stands for majesty, mysticism, and enchantment. The dark pink rose also represents connections, truth, and friendship. 

#3 White rose: It is a symbol of innocence and purity. To express your regret, you might give someone a white rose. Additionally, it used at weddings; in this context, the flowers stand for a fresh start.

#4 Yellow rose: This cheery hue (color) also denotes warmth and happiness. It also represents vitality, friendship, and forgiveness. It is the right flower to present to a friend!

 Rose flower
Red and orange rose flowers in a vase

#5 Blue roses: They are intriguing and enigmatic. Therefore, if someone presents you with a bouquet of blue roses, they are presumably saying they love you. Do you have a crush on someone and want to surprise them? Send a bouquet of blue roses as a gift. 

#6 Peach and salmon roses: This hue symbolizes admiration and thankfulness. Ideal for saying thank you or showing admiration to someone. 

#7 Roses in cherry brandy: These roses stand out for being orange and yellow. This flower is the perfect gift to give someone to demonstrate you care and won’t forsake them, because the colors orange and yellow represent appreciation and joy, respectively.

#8 Purple roses: In contrast to lavender roses, this shade of lilac is intended to convey “your plans for the future.” Therefore, purple roses make lovely gifts if you want to advance your relationship with that special someone in your life. 

#9 Yellow roses with red tips: When yellow roses have red tips, they have a completely different meaning. These multicolored roses symbolize “falling in love,” so they’re ideal for a new relationship, especially if you and your partner were friends first.

#10 Green roses: They are symbolic of life, growth, and abundance. It represent spiritual and physical rejuvenation, as well as renewal and fertility. They are associated with abundance and wealth. Their green color also evokes feelings of stability, balance, and peace.

How to care for the cut rose flowers?

Put the cut flower food in a clean vase and add lukewarm water. Take the leaves from the stem up to the water’s surface. Do not overlook it! Stems should be cut diagonally. It is a garden flower that prefers wet soil, a site with little wind, and lots of sunlight. The roses require more nutrients because they grow so quickly. The optimal time to fertilize is in the spring, in or around April.. Additionally, it flourishes more in calcareous(containing calcium carbonate) soil.

White roses
White roses at a wedding
The meaning behind the number of roses

Does the quantity of roses in a bunch also have significance? When it comes to conveying a message through gifting, you must consider the significance of the number of roses you give. When giving less than ten roses, it’s usual to give an odd number of them. Every number has a distinct meaning. However, in the end, the gesture and the message are more important than the quantity. The numbers’ symbolism is explained below:

1 rose: If you get 1 red rose, it means that the person still loves you. 

2 roses: Giving 2 roses means mutual love. It is therefore customary to give two roses with a marriage proposal.

3 roses: 3 roses represent you, your partner, and your relationship. You can also give three roses for an anniversary.

5 roses: 5 roses mean you love someone dearly. 

6 roses: Giving someone 6 roses lets them know that you are very much in love with them.  

7 roses: 7 roses symbolize infatuation.  

10 roses: Giving 10 roses to someone is a way of telling them that they are perfect. 

12 roses: Giving 12 roses can have two meanings. Either you want to propose (just like with two roses) or you want to thank someone very much.

13 roses: Did you receive thirteen roses without a sender? Don’t be confused! 13 roses symbolize a secret admirer.

15 roses: With 15 roses you can say sorry.

24 roses: 24 roses mean ‘I think of you every moment.’

25 roses: With 25 roses you can congratulate someone on his or her birthday or achievement.

50 roses: 50 roses mean unconditional love.

99 or 100 roses: With 99 or 100 roses you tell someone that he or she is the one for you.

365 roses: 365 denotes love for someone that is there every day of the year. 

So, whenever you want to send roses to someone, you can always choose the ideal color and the appropriate number. This will allow you to easily express your true feelings and emotions to your loved ones.

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