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A condiment is a much-desired flavor to your dish that you add while cooking. Table sauce is a popular table condiment that enhances the taste of the dish with its unique flavor. Condiments have multiple uses and can be applied before cooking, during the process, or after the cooking while serving. We often struggle in the kitchen to make the dish delicious and this can be easily done by adding a certain amount of condiments. 

Condiments are there since the ancient ages. With time, the condiments got replaced or new items got discovered, but the element stayed with humans across the globe. Since the ancient ages, people in Greece, Rome, China, and India have used sorts of condiments. Olive oil, mustard, Nutella, soy sauce, and vinegar are some of the condiments that are used to enhance the taste of the dishes. Salt and pepper are the most popular condiments that one can find globally.

History of condiments

Historical texts and records confirm the existence of the condiments in the ancient ages as well. The ancient cradles of civilizations in China, India, Greece, and Rome. Condiments not only lead to adding flavors but were also used as food preservatives. Usage of the condiments delivers a pungent smell that preserves the perishable food. People across the globe have their ways of condiments while the ultimate motto was to preserve the food. The legacy is still carried on to date and the practice led to the emergence of the thriving condiment industry.

Popular condiments in our kitchen

We live in an era wherein the kitchen or the food habits has changed extensively. But the usage of condiments is still there. Their forms may have changed, the usage of condiments is still widely applauded.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the prime condiment that clicks in our minds. It is a pure condiment that enhances the flavor of a wide variety of dishes ranging from sandwiches to fish. Olive oil is a popular condiment among Europeans. You can avail a wide variety of olive oil as condiments that you can use to enhance the taste of your dish.


Vinegar is a widely acclaimed condiment. We often come across this sort of condiment while preparing fast foods or daily meals. Vinegar is great with salads, sorts of vegetable dishes, fish, and fancy dinners as well.


Sriracha is an all-purpose sauce that you may need to spice up your dish. It is a unique condiment that goes well with varied sorts of cuisine be it Italian, American, Mexican, or Indian palates. Let me warn you, sriracha is quite spicy. You can only have the thing if you have the guts for spicy food. Better to have a bowl of ice cream as dessert to soothe your tongue after the spicy condiment.


Mustards are a popular condiment that one can find across several ages. The mustard is spicy and since the earlier days, it is used to preserve foods. In contemporary times also, mustards are used to enhance the flavor of the dish. Even in fast food joints, mustards are used to prepare the dishes or served alongside the prepared meals. 


Ketchup is not only a condiment but a staple diet for kids who prefer ketchup more than the food. This particular condiment often comes with the burgers and pizza that the kids like to gorge upon. Remember the sight, the kids are dipping the burgers and French fries in the ketchup and making a mess. Ketchup enhances the taste and flavor of the dish. It is available in different flavors so that you can choose your favorite one.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce goes well with Asian delicacies, say the Chinese dishes. Again for your Sushi, soy sauce is a super condiment enhancing the taste and flavor of the dish. Soy sauce having lower sodium contents are healthier and tastes the same as the conventional ones.

Bottom line on Condiments

Condiments are there for eras and will continue to stay. It’s just the tastes and preferences that matter. We have come a long way from the ancient ages to innovate the kinds of condiments that we use today to make our food tastier, better, and healthier.


By Shuvendu Modak

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  1. Atanu Bhattacharjee

    1. Condiments not only lead to adding flavors but were also used as food preservatives. 
    2. People who love to cook, they will get to know about this flavour and unique tasty .
    3. Nice to know the history and useses for tasty dishes.
    4. Ancient and unique flavors can change your mind if you know about recipes and ingredients.

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