Hemp seeds are generally used for industrial purposes or medical purposes. The first plant was planted 5000 years ago.


During the early years, the growing of hemp was considered illegal. We want to get a good amount of nutrients that are magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. Actually, hemp plants originated from central Asia.

Hemp Seeds

Parts of hemp plants


  • It is said to be the most useful part of the plant as it has more nutrients.
  • Seeds contain a good number of nutrients that can be used as supplements. 
  • The seeds act as an immunity booster, and they definitely control cholesterol levels. 
  • The nutrients contained in hemp seeds are vitamin a and vitamin e.
  • It generally helps the person to reduce the risk of heart disease. 
  • It also reduces the problems of periods.


  • A stem is actually the fiber of a plant. 
  • Some products are clothes, bags, shoes, belts, etc. 
  • It is said that clothes are made of hemp. Hemp clothes help to keep the clothes in shape even after every wash.


  • One of the costliest oils that can be extracted from leaves.
  • It is very useful for digesting all the food.
  • A hemp plant is a type of vascular plant.


  • Hemp flowers generally reduce a person’s anxiety, stress, and pain. 
  • It can also be used for smoking.
  • Smoking with the help of this flower can reduce the effects of mood swings.

Hemp Seeds

Consumption of seeds

  • Hemp seed milk can be made out of seeds and it has a good amount of nutrients and taste in it.
  • Hemp coffee beans, which are a combination of both coffee and hemp seeds,
  • They also have a good amount of nutrients, which is helpful for a healthy diet.

Recipes for hemp seeds

  • Strawberry coconut and lime smoothies 

In this, strawberries, coconut, and lime are put into the mixer and you get a smoothie. On top of that, hemp seeds are added to it.

  • Apple avocado crunch 

In this, all the ingredients of the salad, tomato, cucumber, onion, etc., are added to it. On top of that, hemp seeds are also added to it.

  • Hemp protein balls

Dates, protein powder, hemp seeds, salt, butter, and oil are mixed up together in a mixer. It is transformed into a semi-solid substance. It is converted into balls of hemp protein.

  • Avocado hemp toast

To begin, toast some slices of bread and cut an avocado fruit into a scoop. Spread this scoop on the bread slice. On the top of the bread, add some hemp seeds, black pepper, and salt to give a garnishing taste.

  • Hemp protein coffee

It is the most nutrient-dense coffee. The ingredients of this are coffee powder, water, hemp milk, and jaggery. One has to mix 1 tsp of coffee powder with hot water. Add the required amount of hemp milk to it. One can also add protein powder to it.

  • Hemp protein pancakes

Add wheat flour, baking powder, and hemp powder to a bowl and mix these ingredients well. Add sugar and hemp milk in another bowl. Mix the ingredients well. Add a small amount of batter into the mixture during mid-flame. Keep this batter in the pan for about 1 to 2 minutes so that it is ready to be served.

  • Hemp seeds, ladoo 

Firstly, roast the hemp seeds for about 7 to 10 minutes. In another pan, heat ghee and, along with that, fry some cashew nuts and hemp seeds. Add some cardamom powder to it and mix it well. Blend this mixture with the help of almond butter. Now take a small amount of the mixture and make this mixture into a round ladoo. One can get about 9 to 10 ladoos with this quantity.

Hemp Seeds


The blog is about hemp seeds, which contain various nutrients, and it includes an introduction, history, parts of the hemp plant, seed consumption, and hemp seed recipes. Recipes for hemp seeds include strawberry coconut smoothie, crunchy apple avocado, hemp protein balls, avocado hemp toast, hemp protein shake, hemp protein coffee, hemp protein pancakes.

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