Fruits and nuts are the only commodities that are costlier and as well as healthier. They are considered to be a good addition to diet plans. Today we are going to see about Almonds the seed fruit which is rich in nutrients and taste. Let’s see some of their facts and their medicinal benefits of them.



A bowl full of almonds

Almonds belong to the family of Rosaceae which is considered nuts. But technically they are fruits called drupes because of their hard outer shell. The Almond is a seed because the seed is considered to be the edible part of the fruit. This seed is harvested from almond trees which are found inside a small shell that is harder to break with bare hands. An Almond tree can grow up to 15-20 feet in height. Cultivator always plans according to that and plant them in a well-spaced area. The origin of almonds is in the western part of Asia and China. Eating 10-20 almonds per day can give the nutrients that a person needs a day. 

How to grow an Almond tree


A picture of a sapling being planted

The step by step procedure for growing an Almond tree is as follows:

  • To grow an Almond tree we should choose a sight that has a warm temperature, well-draining loamy soil, and ample space.
  • After choosing a good ample sight for the tree next we should get our sapling ready before cultivation. Take the sapling and spray some water in the root so that it boosts the growth of the sapling.
  • Dig a hole that is deep enough to place the sapling perfectly so that the roots of the sapling can able to grow well.
  • After digging a hole prepare the soil with well-draining soil and plant the sapling and pour a gallon of water into the plant.
  • After the plant is grown keep on track of the twigs and prune them because pruning can help focus on growing trunk and branches. 
  • By doing all this we can able to expect the growth of sapling into a tree in 4-5 years. So cultivators should be patient with the plant’s growth. 
  • An almond tree can able to withstand drought but we need to water them for its faster growth and healthy almonds. Watering them at least once a week is recommended and can be skipped when it is rainy season.
  • We need to preserve the tree from insects by using Bt- sprays, and harvesting every almond in the tree so that no worms will come near the bark.
  • Using natural fertilizers can benefit the growth of the tree. 
  • An almond tree is susceptible to diseases. So we need to handle the tree with care and use clean equipment around tree barks and branches. It is also fragile to frost, so plant according to it.

By following the above steps we can able to have good growth and harvesting of almonds from the tree.

Medicinal Benefits


A picture of Almond’s

Almonds contain rich nutrients and a good taste which is healthy for humans. Let’s see the medicinal benefits in the following.


The almonds contain antioxidants with them which are helpful in the prevention of cell damage and inflammation of skin cells. So eating almonds can help in the prevention of cell damage.

High in Vitamin E

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. This nutrient is essential for building up the cell membrane in the body. Eating a good amount of almonds can help in reducing heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Blood sugar

Almonds have low carbs, protein, and fiber. The presence of magnesium in almonds can help diabetes patients with magnesium deficiency and lowering blood sugar. So eating almonds can be beneficial for diabetic patients.

Blood pressure

Magnesium deficiency is one of the reasons for the rise in blood pressure levels. By having almonds we can able to reduce blood pressure and as well as treat magnesium deficiency diseases.

Cholesterol level

Having almonds can able to help lower the bad cholesterol in our body. By this, we can able to reduce one of the risks of heart disease and maintain cholesterol levels.


The presence of antioxidants, proteins, and fiber in almonds can help reduce bad cholesterol and reduce constipation. By adding almonds to the diet plants a person can able to reduce weight and it makes a good addition to a diet plan.

These are some of the medicinal benefits that almonds provide to the human body. So let’s have almonds in the morning daily and increase our body health.

Mukesh Kumar U M
Date: 29/04/2022

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