Animals, We May Lost From The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest is the biggest rainforest, it is bigger than all the other rainforests combined. Let’s know more about this shelter for thousands of species. 

Amazon rain forestHuge Waterfall in the Amazon Rainforest. 

It covers a total of nine countries with 5,500,000 km square of forest cover. It is the most biodiverse rainforest as it provides shelter to more than thousands of animals, plants, and trees. The Amazon Rainforest is situated in the South American Continent. The water from the Amazon Basin(which covers around 7,000,000 km square) eventually enters the Amazon River. Thousands of animal species are found in this Amazon Forest, but sadly we are losing some animals, let’s know about those animals that are on the list of Endangered species.  

Amazon Rainforest have these Endangered Animals

South American Tapir

South American Tapir

Child Tapir with Mother Tapir in the river. 

They are also known as Brazillian Tapir. The South American Tapir are usually found near the water in Amazon Rainforest and River Basin. They are very good swimmers and divers, but can also be quick on a plane or mountainous land. They are herbivores, feed on parts of trees and aquatic plants. 

We are losing The South American Tapirs because of poaching, majorly for meat and habitat destruction is also another cause. Deforestation, development, and population expansion are majorly affecting their survival. 

Giant Otters

Giant Otter swimming in the River.

Among all the species of Otter, Giant Otters are the largest also known by River Wolves. They live in South America in the Amazon River and on the Banks and resemble a lot with weasels. They feed on fish, either alone or work together to get food and their group is known as romp. They are considered very intelligent and communicate by squeak, whistles, and growling. They can be trained, like dogs and apes. 

Water pollution and deforestation are the causes of their disappearance and also humans hunt them for their furs. 

The Uakari Monkey

The Uakari Monkey

The Uakari Monkey sitting on the branch of a tree. 

The Uakari or bald Uakari are found in Western Amazon, they are usually recognized by their red face and bald head. Apart from other species of monkeys, they are unique because of their short tail, also unlike the other species of monkeys, they use their arms and legs to travel instead of their tail. 

They are on the red list of threatened species by IUCN. some of their habitats are affected by deforestation and some by hunting. If the Rainforest continues to be affected by illegal human practices, it can soon go extinct. 

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw sitting on a branch. 

There are around sixteen species of Macaw and Hyacinth Macaw is one of them. All of them belong to the parrot family and Hyacinth Macaw is the largest one. Their beak is extremely large and they are deep cobalt blue. They are found in Northern Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. 

Capturing the beauty in prison in human tendency from long ago. These beautiful Macaws are captured and hunted for their attractive feathers. Spending most of their time in the lighter forest and open grassy areas make them easy prey. 

White-cheeked Spider Monkey

White-cheeked Spider Monkey

Close-up look of White-cheeked Spider Monkey hanging from a branch of a tree.

 They are found in Amazon Basin, its lengthy legs gave it the name of a spider monkey. They are also known as white-whiskered spider monkeys. They come in varieties of colors, usually live on the upper level of the rainforest. 

Habitat loss and hunting are the main cause of their quick disappearance. Highways manufacturing and deforestation took out most of their habitat. 

There are several species that are endangered in the amazon forest, but it is also true that several conservation programs have been launched to protect this species. The major aim of these conservation programs is to reverse the damage to these species caused by illegal human practices and other natural factors. The Rainforest Trust is an organization made to protect the wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest. All these conservation programs have been seemed to be successful till now and estimated to create great results in the future as well. 

By-Vaidehee Bhawsar


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