A group of pansies

  • Pansies are colourful flowers with a heart shape from the Viola family favourite of every season for their attractive colour patterns and blooming.  
  • Their heart-shaped and overlapping petals with bright colours are a great choice for the garden bed. The botanical name of the pansy is Viola tricolor var. hortensis belonging to the Violaceae family in the Viola genus. 
  • It is a hybrid plant suitable for containers, hanging pots and ground cover.  The unique style of the flower attracts butterflies and looks pretty in the monochrome colour scheme also.  
  • They can be planted with other cool-seasonal flowers to reshape the garden appearance for an eye-relaxing experience.
  • The name pansy comes from the French word pensee means thought. As the name suggests, the pansy flower symbolises thinking, which is the vital energy that leads life to an advanced level.

What to consider when planting pansies?

Though the garden flower goes with all seasons, they don’t tolerate common rules.

A group of pansies

  • Pansies demand slightly acidic or neutral soil PH to sweeten the blooming. And they are mostly recognised as annual flowers rather than perennial because treating them properly would give a long-year garden experience.
  • The climate variations have a role in their development as sunlight absorption manages the functions of the plant body. It needs either full sunlight exposure or partial exposure to execute the grow functions in the plant cells.
  • Another feature of the pansy is it will bounce back and bloom even in single-digit temperatures. This makes the flower a most common choice for garden lovers. And they are known for withstanding capability. 
  • The perfect periods for pansies to plant are early spring or the fall when the resources are in the accurate ratio.
  • Many are confused about what part of the plant takes for the next generation. The two choices are either seeds or established plants from the nursery. The first one is for those who have extra patience as the pansy seed germination is a slow process between one to three weeks.  The latter one can be good for a sooner blooming. Of course, all these activities require a temperature level that doesn’t challenge its existence.
  • They keep the daily functions alive unless the temperature reaches a freezing level. Plant lovers are advised to follow the planting rules for a beautiful garden reflecting their personalities.
  • The soil preparation before planting can come over with many benefits. For a good result, studying the soil nutrient level and managing it by refilling the absent nutrients are recommended. Plant them in moist, humus-rich and well-drained soil.
  • The ideal environment to spread light exposure for growth is early morning. Better is to avoid the afternoon heavy sunlight as it can destroy its natural freshness in growing.
  • The spacing between each plant isn’t to be overlooked. Plant them with a 7 to 12 inches gap so that they can flare in the natural growth orientation.

The Best Medium for Pansies to Grow

Pansies are suitable for any medium that supports the beauty in them.

  • Pansies are a great choice to welcome the guests with the beauty and colour combo. The containers can afford them reasonably if suitable treatment is being done. Using the potting soil supplied with required nutrients increases the chance of pansy organic growth.
  • Choose portable containers for easy shifting in the summer days. As already mentioned, exhibit them to the morning sunlight and evening shade.

The Methods to Care Pansies for the Amazing Flower Sight

There are some methods to follow for a grand pansy garden feel.

Close up of Pansy petals

  • Watering is the first and last priority for pansy flowering. Regular watering improves the nutritional intake of the plant for a comprehensive growth process. If you fail in pansy gardening, switching to more watering facilities would do its wonderful job.
  • Adding a general or all-purpose fertiliser in the planted soil helps the growth cycle. Consider the soil treatment in every stage for a no-worry blooming.
  • Remove faded or dead flowers to encourage blooming and extend flower lives for more days. By doing so, the blooming season will last long offering an eye-catchy feel.
  • Pansies are edible garden flowers with a fresh smell creating a positive ambiance and cheerful creative thoughts. They will accommodate all garden expectations with their attractive colour combo and heart-shaped petals. The choice can never be wrong.
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