The summer is the day people never forget because of the last day of school, starting of summer holidays, and pulling pranks on friends. April is the month of hotness and a special tradition called April fools day. Let’s see some of the facts about April fools day and its history.


April fools day

A poster for April fools day

April fools day is a day where people pull pranks on one another and make others believe something that isn’t true. The classic old pranks like “Your shoelace is untied, there is a spider on your neck, there is something on ur shirt, your wheel is punctured”, etc. Even though the pranks are harmless to others physically. April fools day doesn’t have a proper history of how the tradition started. But many peoples believe that the reason for the tradition being born is because of the change in the calendar. In the year 1582 in France people were using the Julian calendar in which the new year comes on March 25 and they celebrate new year till April 1. But the new design of the Gregorian calendar release was liked by many people and they accepted to change their calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, the new year is on January 1. In the past, there was no quick way of passing information from one place to another. So the Gregorian calendar took time to be adapted in other countries. 

Between the adopting stage of the Gregorian calendar, some countries doesn’t like the idea and they didn’t change the calendar. This is the stage where the prank got started. People who changed the calendar make fun of people who don’t change and they considered them as fools. It’s because people celebrate different new year’s days and this makes others fool. Then after a few years, all the country adapted to the Gregorian calendar, and hence April fools day was born.


April fools prank

A daughter pulled a prank on her father

On the morning of April first, every people will be ready to come up with a plan to fool others. People like kids, parents, and elders also like to prank others and have fun. Many of them will be very cautious not to get fooled by others. So some people ignore others by laughing and running from others when they approach to talk. Many of the kids pull hilarious pranks to their friends. In France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, and Switzerland a small paper fish is stuck to others’ shirts without knowing and they fool others. In some places, people will ask others to do crazy favors by passing a letter to someone and after reading the letter they will send the person to pass it again to someone else until someone stops. The content of the letter will be like “Send the fool to someone else”. 

In the UK the pranks should be done until noon. Who pranks after will be considered as fools This is because after midday pulling pranks is considered bad luck to the people. Even many TV News channels pranked people by giving fake and funny news like Semicolon shaped island, Liberty bell name changed to taco bell, etc.

The celebration went wrong:

April fools prank gone wrong

April fool proposal gone wrong

Everything has its limit. Likewise, sometimes the pranks are gone wrong because of crossing the limit and people’s mentality. Sometimes a person pulls some prank and thinks it is a joke but the result may go wrong. Like in 2001 a DJ in England pull a prank by saying that by standing on the cliff of beach in East Sussex people can able see a ship look like Titanic. Many people heard the news and gathered on the edge of the cliff. But later on, the cliff had a crack and fell on the ocean. But everyone was safe. 

In 2003 a worker pranked her boss by saying the store is getting robbed at gunpoint. The boss thought it was a serious issue and called the cops. But she thought of calling her boss and tell that it was a prank. But before calling her boss the cops arrived and they arrested her for public panicking. 

A prank should be small and funny not harmful and hurting others. People should think before pulling any pranks even on friends, parents, and girlfriends. So let’s be responsible and prank and be happy with our friends and not by harming any others. 

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