About Chocolate day

  • Chocolates day is one of the days celebrated in Valentine’s week. Chocolate day is celebrated on February 9, after Rose and Propose day. Chocolate day is followed by Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Promise Day, and Valentine’s day. People across the world celebrate togetherness and love in valentine’s week in honor of Saint Valentine from February 7 to February 14. Like all other days in valentine’s week, chocolate day has its significance and is all about exchanging chocolates.

Chocolates day

                                                                                                          curse for the loved ones

  • The whole Valentine’s week is just another marketing manipulation by the giant company mafias. In enjoying these days we forget that it can be harmful to us and our significant other. Chocolate in a significant amount is good for health,  but overconsumption of chocolate is very deteriorating for the body. Let’s talk about how chocolates affect our bodies both positively and negatively.

Health benefits of chocolates

  • Lowering cholesterol levels – According to a study, consumption of chocolate can help reduce bad cholesterol, reduce low-density lipoprotein.

  • Prevents cognitive decline – two cups of hot chocolate keeps the brain healthy and reduces memory decline.

  • Stroke – chocolates reduce the chances of having a stroke. 

  • Heart disease – chocolates reduce the risk of developing heart diseases by one-third.

  • Improve in athletic performances – dark chocolates enhance the release of nitric oxide in the body because of which less oxygen is needed by the body.

Chocolate day

                                                                                                          image of a box of chocolate

Quick facts on chocolate

  • Diabetes, Coronary heart disease, and hypertension have been associated with chocolate consumption for a long time.

  • Chocolate contains a large number of calories.

  • Chocolate has high amounts of antioxidants.

  • Chocolates reduce cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline.


The negative effect of chocolate

  • High saturated fat content – chocolates have a high content of saturated fats in them, saturated fats increase the risk of heart diseases and increase bad cholesterol. 

  • Low minerals and vitamin values – chocolate is not a good source of vitamin minerals or even calcium and has lesser iron components.

Chocolate day

                                                                                    an image of a bunch of heart-shaped chocolates

  • High sugar content – chocolate with high-fat content has high sugar content which leads to obesity and diabetes issues and increases the risk of heart diseases.

  • High-calorie content – chocolate is a high-calorie dense food. The amount of calories in chocolate is higher than in many other snack foods. The high calories lead to obesity.

  • Toxic elements – according to a report, processed chocolates and even raw cocoa have unsafe amounts of nickel and cadmium, these metals accumulate in the body and can cause permanent damage to the body.



  •  Chocolate day is the day we celebrate with our loved ones, share love and togetherness. It is celebrated on the seventh of February. Chocolate day is part of Valentine’s week. Though the chocolate day is celebrated for sharing love with our loved ones we are not only sharing love but some diseases too.
  • Excessive consumption of chocolate is dangerous for our body and provides a lot of health issues such as obesity, heart diseases, high cholesterol, high diabetes, and many more. So as we celebrate the chocolate day this year make sure that you eat chocolates in a moderate amount and tell your significant other to do the same.

Introduction to berries


  • From jellies and jams to well-known skincare products and medicines, blackcurrant has made its way to our hearts! Let’s have a look at some of the health benefits and facts about Blackcurrant.

Culinary Delights

blackcurrant drizzle cake

  • The fruit is cooked with sugar to produce a puree from which juice is extracted. The puree is further processed to make cheesecakes, ice creams, yogurt, sorbet, marinades, wines, and other sweet dishes.

The berry with herbaceous and floral hints

The berry is native to central and northern Europe and is available across the globe. It is similar in size and shape to the blueberry while the flavor can be described as a mix of concentrated blueberry with citrus, pine, black pepper, anise, and other herbaceous and floral hints.

An easy addition to a home garden

The plants are best grown in fertile, wet soils and prefer cool winters. They can easily be added to a home garden with decent soil, sufficient irrigation, and annual pruning. Being tolerant to partial shade makes it ideal for a home garden. 

The power punch of nutrients

The berry is packed with pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, thiamine, iron copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and potassium thereby conveying good health. The berry thus boosts the immune system and keeps a check on several ailments. 100 grams of blackcurrant contain 63 calories. The nutrient-packed berry can also be eaten raw. 

A superfood

Blackcurrants hold more vitamin C than oranges and blueberries in addition to an excess of zinc which is missing in any other vegetable. The berries are thus considered a superfood.

Application in the cosmetic industry

The berries are seen in the bush 70 to 100 days after pollination. They are arranged in drooping clusters. A single bush holds 3 to 10 pounds of fruit per season. The insides of the fruit hold edible seeds and soft flesh. The fruit is itself tough on the outside. Oil extracted from the seeds of blackcurrant has a wide application in the cosmetic industry.

Blackcurrant leaves for health and taste

blackcurrant leaves

  • Apart from berries, the blackcurrant plant is valued for its leaves. The leaf extract increases the secretion of cortisol by the adrenal glands which are useful in stress-related conditions. The herbal leaves are rich in Vitamin C and contain gamma-linolenic acid and anthocyanins that boost immunity. The leaves work wonders for pain and itch of minor wounds and insect bites.
  • The blackcurrant leaves are therefore used for flavoring tea and preserves like the salted cucumbers in Russia. Sweetened vodka is often infused with leaves for an astringent taste and a tart flavor. The leaves are alternately arranged on the branch and release a pleasant aroma of being crushed. They hold a pale green tinge with five palmate lobes and serrated edges.
  • The plant is perennial and can survive from 15 to 30 years in the wild. The plants propagate by seeds and cuttings.

The bluish pink flowers of blackcurrant

blackcurrant flowers

Bluish pink flowers are arranged in clusters composed of 10 to 20 individual flowers. The flowers attract hoverflies and honeybees for pollination. They are also capable of self-pollination and contain both types of reproductive organs. Each flower has a hairy calyx with yellow glands with five longer lobes (longer than the petal), five stamens around the stigma and style, and two fused carpels.

Beers featuring blackcurrant(For artisan makers)

a beer brand featuring blackcurrant

The berry has gained popularity from the complex flavors that result in its fermentation. Beers have been brewed featuring blackcurrant as an ingredient. The artisan makers on the horizon in the alcohol business make use of the berry artistically.

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By Sanket Sawant

By Sanket Sawant

Date: 03/02/2022


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