• The 2nd day of Valentine’s Week is Propose Day or Mother Nature. In 2022, Propose Day is on 8th February on Tuesday. Propose Day provides an opportunity to express one’s love for his loved ones. He can make Propose Day special for his loved one by showering gifts or pledging with her a bright future ahead. Propose Day gains special attention as we gradually progress towards Valentine’s Day. This particular day is special as it provides courage to confess love or what you feel strongly about.
  • So you can make the Propose Day special not only for your lover but for you as well. It provides a rare scope to you to express your feelings strongly. And you can do so by pledging Mother Nature to have greenery around you while spreading awareness on nature and conservation.

Happy Propose Day Mother Nature

                                                                                                         Propose Day is celebrated every year on 8 th

Significance of Mother Nature

  • It is not necessary to express your feelings for a human on Propose Day, you can express your thoughts and feelings to conserve the environment. You can use the vent of Propose Day to spread awareness on the preservation of Mother Nature. In the era of social media, you can highlight the celebration of Propose Day by organizing various events to raise awareness regarding the environment.
  • You can make the Propose Day special for yourself and your loved ones, say your community adopting the following measures:

Thoughtful gesture for the Propose day

  • A normal Propose Day may sound like visiting a fancy café or restaurant with someone special to express your thoughts. But you can make it a special Propose Day by organizing campaigns to show solidarity with Mother Nature. You can do so by organizing a drawing competition for kids. The theme for the drawing competition will be ‘Preservation of Mother Nature’.
  • It is to inculcate a thought among the kids to protect the environment and do away with ill-practices like reducing the usage of plastic bags

 A special Propose Day

  • In a relationship, there is no special day to express your love or feelings to those you care about. The same applies to the environment around us that nourishes us to make the way we are. So you can organize a campaign to use recycled bags rather than plastic bags. Distribution of recycled bags and insisting people use such bags for their daily errands. It is to express our concern for Mother Nature for her well-being and support through thick and thin.
  • You can gift your special one recycled gifts packed in a recycled bag. And don’t worry! There are many innovative gift items made out of recycled items like Thermal Travel Mug to cherish your Propose Day.

Thermal Travel Mug;

                                                                                                           A unique gift to celebrate the Propose Day

Having something new to celebrate Propose Day

  • Normally, we go out for a dinner to celebrate a special occasion like Propose Day. Well! If you love Mother Nature and care for her, try out cooking at home. You can cook a special Propose Day dinner and the menu will be prepared based on organic ingredients only. Such sorts of dinner will be healthy and make the ambiance more vibrant than the restaurants you planned to visit. Again, you can decorate your home with various recycled items like decorative candles made of recycled things. It will enhance the aesthetics of your home and the dinner for Propose Day memorable for the years to come.

Reusable bags                                                                                                             A unique gift to preserve Mother Nature

Youngsters and Propose Day

  • Propose Day is celebrated each year on 8th February and there is a hype among the youngsters to celebrate the day with great pomp and pleasure. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube will help to spread the message of environment conservation on Propose Day. Images and posts to protect Mother Nature by pledging yourself to undertake practices to protect the environment. The initiative to spread purposeful to preserve earthandmatters.
  • awareness of the environment will make your Propose Day special. A unique gift to preserve Mother Nature

Bottom Line of Propose Day

  • Propose Day is an important day of Valentine’s Week to express your love and thoughts. This time you can have a special Propose Day by pledging to preserve Mother Nature by adopting eco-friendly practices. You can organize campaigns to spread environmental awareness like drawing competitions for kids on nature and distribution of recycled bags. Social sites can be helpful to make the Propose Day special not only for you but for the entire community.

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By Shuvendu Modak

Date : 07/02/22

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