Indian history is a wonder with its mystical architecture, nature, culture, etc. Today we are going to see about the place which is famous for its color, tourism, and beauty. Jodhpur, the 2nd big city of Rajasthan is a tourist place which people like the most because of its serenity. Let’s see some of the facts about them.



Top view of Jodhpur city

The history of Jodhpur takes us back to 1459 by Rao Jodha, the king of Rajputana build the city from scratch by his rule. The Merngharh fort act as a landmark to the whole city which is located in the center of the city. It is built 400 feet above the ground with rocky edges and with a view of the whole city. The city is located near to the hot Thar desert of India. The city was handed over to the Mughals after Rao Maldeo to Akbar in 1561.

The city has a firm economic background. It has a railway connection, an agricultural trade center for crops, a domestic airport, cotton textile, brass&iron factory, ink, and Polo equipment. Tourism plays a vital role in the city and small-scale industries like handcraft products, glass bangles, street cloth shops, and carpets. 


A picture of Mehrangarh fort

Mehrangarh Fort is the main tourist spot that rises from the blue city is one of the Forts that are famous in India. The fort is preserved with its cultural heritage, historical collection, and architecture. The museum inside the fort with its 15000 items from the past of king Gaj Singh II is a wonder. Special performances are held inside the forts nowadays. The great view and the architecture of the building is a good spot to spend the vacation with loved ones.

People who like adventurous vacations can go to the flying fox of Jodhpur. The ziplines are at the Mehrangarh Fort which is a ride of 6 zipline locations and takes around 30-45min of the time. People who want to feel the adrenaline pump and the adventurous ride can go for this. 

The Desert rock park is a place that is a land of rocks in high altitudes which were used as a wasteland before 2006. After 2006 after many renovations it is changed to a walking park and a place for 80 native plant species. The view from the park and the surrounding is a mind-blowing experience. 

The next place is the blue city. The Navchokiya is a place that is below the Mehrangarh Fort which is painted in blue. The city interior consists of buildings built near to near and small gaps and roads. It is kind of a maze puzzle. Due to the termite problem, people started using copper sulfate in whitewashes which turned into blue. And due to the hot temperature from the desert, they used blue to cool down the heat. This is one of the reasons for the blue city. 

Gulab Sagar is next on the list of tourist spots. It is a lake that was active since the 18th century and it was once a water source for Jodhpur. It is a great place for photoshoots and temples around it.

Umaid Bhawan PalaceThe luxury palace of Jodhpur

The next tourist spot is Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is a luxurious place for luxurious celebrations and weddings. The palace is one of the richest and oldest palaces of India which has a classy outer and interior. The rooms cost 45,000 per night with luxurious amenities and services. People can visit the museum and from there we can see some interiors of the palace.

The streets of Jodhpur are the next place which is always crowded because of the people and tourists. The street has attractive mouth-watery foods. The famous dish sold in the streets of Jodhpur is Dal Bati Churma. Marwari soldiers prepare Bati by using wheat flour. They roll them and make them into a round shape and they bury them in the sand.

After returning from the war they dig them from the ground and the dish will be ready. It will reach a consistency that will be delicious. Dal Bati Churma is a famous dish in Jodhpur and it was loved by the people over there. But after the Gupta rule period, they added an extra ingredient to this dish called Panchmel dal. This is how the city got the recipe, a dish that’s passed from decades.

These are some of the famous places a person should visit on Jodhpur when they are on vacation. These tourist spots and the people make Jodhpur a memorable place.

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