Leather is a flexible material, it is made from animal’s skin like sheep, goat, buffalo, pigs, tigers, etc. It is one of the most widely traded items all over the world. During the 60s and 70s, only wealthy people could use leather as it was the costliest but now its rate has gone down as a costly item.


The history of leather began 400000 years ago in England.  During ancient times, leather was used to protect ourselves from animals as the leather itself is made of animal’s skin. If any animal comes to hunt the human, if the person is wearing leather, the animal would not be able to smell the human’s blood. After some years leather production came to a peak. In India leather was started in usage before 3000 BC.

leatherMaking of leather


  1. Leather lasts longer as compared to other materials as it can only be made in better quality.
  2. Most of the leather is easy to repair and maintain as it costs less to repair.
  3. Leather’s raw material can be converted into different products like shoes, bags, jackets, etc.
  4. Wearing a leather jacket can also be comfortable so that the body can maintain its temperature.
  5. During the 60s and 70s, it had a specific amount of fashion related to leather material but now it has a vast number of fashions.
  6. Now also leather is counted as a luxury item in a country like India.


  1. It is a bit of a costly item as it is produced by animal skin.
  2. People cannot easily identify which is fake leather and which is real leather.
  3. It damages our environment by producing raw materials. In this production, a lot of animals are being killed for their skin and even sometimes it is considered that ” Wearing leather is a sin”.
  4. After the long usage of the material, it can tear apart or split as it depends on the leather’s material.


Leather Bag

Types of Leather-

Full Grain Leather-

It is said to be the top layer of the animal’s skin. It is tough as compared to other layers. This type of leather is very expensive and its quality also is top-level as compared to other types of leather. Usage- wallets.

Top Grain Leather-

It is said to be the second top layer of the animal’s skin. This type of layer is strong and durable and it is less expensive as compared to the top layer. Usage- Handbags and Jackets.

Corrected Grain Leather-

It is also called genuine leather. It is tougher in texture and can be used for leather sofa or some furniture purpose. Usage- Handbags, Footwear.

Bonded Leather-

It is made from the leftovers of the animal skin and automatically it is the lowest grade of all. Usage- Furniture, Book Binding, etc.

Cruel Not Cool-

In India, most of the leather is being made from cow skin. Cows are not only used for dairy products but also for producing leather. India and China are the biggest producers of leather. Cows are forced to walk miles to the states of Bengal and Kerala where assaulting cows is legal. Their eyes are even rubbed with chili pepper or tobacco. Most the people don’t even know what cows and other animals are going through. 400 animals are being killed per hour for leather and meat.

The same situation took place years back when jallikattu was banned during the Pongal. Jallikuttu was stopped so that the cows can be used for leather production by an organization. But people of Tamilnadu used their power and protested to save the cows from cruelty. After some days of protest, a jallikattu game started in Madurai during Pongal.


Leather Belt


Government should take some actions in leather production. Leather has its advantages but disadvantages are more important as it is harming innocent animals and it will indirectly affect us and it will disturb our environment. We humans should not be so selfish that we destroy or kill all the animals which are living on our mother earth.

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