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Rewari Museum

  • Transport plays a vital role in people’s lives as well as large companies. Many means of transport are featured today like flights, bikes, cars, bicycles, buses, trains, etc. But the trains were the root of transport in the past for development and transport.
  • The start of the industrial revolution gives birth to the invention of trains and their role in transporting goods from one place to another. But people always never forget the past. So to remember that Indian people made an old loco shed into a museum for trains in Rewari, Haryana. Let’s see some of the facts and specialties about it.

Locomotive engine(rewari)                                                                                                                Locomotive engine

 The old Locomotive engine 

  • The Rewari museum was built in 1893 in Haryana. The museum was once supposed to be a loco shed in India. This was the only loco shed that connected Delhi and Peshwar. The shed had a successful run in the past with more than 500 workers working.
  • The shed was useful for many means of transport around cities. But with the development of transport, the steam engine locomotives are replaced by modern trains. The meter gauge trains were also replaced by this and the old loco shed was stopped in 1994.
  • After that many locomotives are made into scrap materials. And after that, some of the diesel engines are serviced here but soon that also came to an end. Before their total shut down they were used to hauling for orient express using two locomotive engines.
  • The replacement made the loco shed motionless for a period of time. So the government declared the old shed to be a heritage for locomotives in 2001. By turning it into a museum they made some of the locomotives under keen protection. 

List of Films(rewari)                                                                                                                     List of Films

The films took place in the Rewari shed

  • The museum started and had a good run over the period and many people visited it. The welcoming loco shed has turned into a film shooting spot. Many Hindi films like Guru, Gandhi-my-father, Sultan, Bharat, Jaanisaar, etc were shooted here.
  • The success of the film and the welcoming audience of people gave a new life to the old loco shed.  The shed had its renovation by combining old and new which was liked by the people. 
  • The ticket rate for entering the museum is very cheap and easily affordable. The loco shed renovation comes up with cool activities for tourists. Activities like watching a short film, Steam simulator, coach simulator, toy train, steam museum, and steam maintenance simulator.
  • Here we can buy many items like train toys, models, books, etc. There is a cafeteria available for the tourists. 

Simulation room                                                                                                                  Simulation room

The simulation room for the train ride

  • The steam simulation can blow the minds of train lovers. In the simulation, we are able to drive the old locomotive by doing actions that are done in real life. By using a plastic shovel and doing actions like putting coal in the engine, horn, etc.
  • The screen surrounding the machine will display the surroundings which will look like we are driving a train inside Minecraft. The short film about the history of the trains and their significance in the past is a bit knowledgeable to the tourists. 
  • Here we are able to see both narrow and broad gauge engines in working condition. People working in the museums take care of the old locomotive engine by washing, repairing, and running the engines to preserve them for future display.
  • We are able to witness the old luxury train compartments of the royal family with some slight modern alterations. The old luxury cabins with curtains, tables, cabins, etc can be seen and they are preserved like the way they were in past times. And the small working toy train can be a wonderful experience for kids to have fun rides. 

These are some of the facts and the specialities of Rewari loco shed that is most welcomed by people of India and others.

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