Bhiwani is one of the religious places of India and is renowned for its holy attractions laid down within the city. Among numerous sacred places of Bhiwani, Radhaswami Satsang keeps a distinct position within the region of Bhiwani. Radha Swami Satsang is an abode for Star Monument, Samadhi of Sant Tara Chand Ji Maharaj. It’s one in all the magnificent structures of architecture in-built a triangular shape constructed on the theme of Star. It’s a 3-dimensional building showcasing stars from all sides of the structure. In Hindi ‘tara’ means Star hence this entombment of Sant Tara Chandji Maharaj is created in such shape. It’s located 11 km far from the town in an area which is termed, Dino.

Star Monument

Close view of Star Monument

Sant Tara Chandji Maharaj was the founding father of Radha Swami Satsang and was popularly referred to as Bade Maharaji. He was a renowned saint of the 20th century and dedicated to the Radha Swami faith hence he established Radhaswami Satsang in Dinod near Bhiwani to dedicate his whole life to the present institution. His Samadhi within the style of a Star Monument is housed within the same Radhaswami Satsang compound depicting the splendour of design and construction. It’s built with no pillar or column, hence it’s also an astonishing place for the people.

The architecture of the Star Monument

The foundation stone of this gorgeous monument was laid down on October 1st 1997 and it got completed within the next four years. The bottom of the structure is hexagonal at an elevated height of 6 feet.

The most significant part of this monument is that it’s exactly 101 feet from all sides if measured. This mind-blowing building has 6 faces 3 faces outlined by white marble displaying the form of a Star therefore the other 3 parts are covered with glazing Italian glass.

It is blue and has wonderful properties of preventing monuments from extreme heat and cold. The Samadhi, Star Monument of Sant Huzur Tara Chandji Maharaj is one in all the splendours of architecture and style. The whole building is made without using any RCC frame and designed on a singular structure.

Grass surrounding the Star Monument

Close view of the Grass around the Star Monument

The monument is surrounded by a beautifully laid garden and fountain which displays an excellent view of this monument. To form it more mesmerizing, it’s been decorated with colourful lights and flower plants. at midnight when lights are fully flashed, it gives an impressive view of this Star Monument. Architects have used the normal technique of ventilation within the monument to stay it cooler in summers and warm in winter. Three stairs are connecting the constructed monument, which provides entry and exit into the monument. There are five fountains within the garden together with beautifully engraved marble pathways designed in the colours yellow, black and white. Proper sitting arrangements are given for the visitors coming to the current place for peace of mind.

It’s no match on the planet in terms of beauty. The celestial garden, the large star-shaped white structure, a little hut, innovative designed holy well, and water flowing from the waterfall make it a desirable and spectacular place. the three gateways are richly embellished. The mix of the standard and also the newest techniques and equipment have been wont to achieve the very best quality and complicated construction.

Inside Star Monument

Swann in the lake

Close view of the Lake around the Star Monument

The interior part of this monument has been built magnificently and given ample thought process on the looks of the inner part. Its 3 entrance gates and Samadhi of Bade Maharaji are laid down near the western wall. The building has six corners, having 6 paintings and everyone is displaying the lifetime of Param Sant Huzur Tara Chand Ji Maharaj, crafted on these beautiful canvases. The Samadhi is rectangular and incepted near the western wall and marble slippers are placed near the Samadhi depicting the feet of Bade Maharaji. There are infinite sparkling and shining stars infused within the interior of Samadhi Sthal.

How to reach Star Monument in Bhiwani

Star Monument has situated 11 km from the city. It’s positioned on the western side of Bhiwani which is reachable from the town using any conveyance. Any individual from other parts of India could make Bhiwani city which is well connected through trains and roadways.

From Bhiwani, it’s a simple drive for visitors to approach this monument. Conveyance facilities also are available to achieve at Star Monument from Bhiwani.

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