Drink loads of liquid in the summer! Isn’t it what age-old theories suggest, when heat-waves come hard on you, in that part of the year? That’s when a splash of chilled ‘Ghol’ calms you, even when gallons of water couldn’t! Gondhoraj Ghol – The phrase in itself means Drink which is the King of Fragrance.

Gondhoraj Ghol
Gondhoraj Ghol in Wooden Pots

It is a classic beverage indigenous to Bengal, normally prepared in summers and very common in celebrations or ‘Bhoj’, i.e., feast especially on the occasion of Navratri festival. Ghol has its share of similarities with Lassi of Punjab and is touted as its Bengali Cousin. Ghol is prepared with Buttermilk combined with a slice of Gondhoraj Lebu, a lime which is highly renowned for its fragrance and taste.

Beat the heat

This year’s Spring is ‘on heat.’ And Bengal is reeling under heatwave with temperature in districts like Bankura shooting to 40 degrees in the beginning of March. But the biggest trick to keep one healthy and fit and energized during these summer months is by drinking a lot of fluids. Other than litres of water, what you also need is a dash of Bengal’s very own Buttermilk/Lassi, popularly known as Ghol.

This cooling drink has down ages been the best friend of all those who came home after a hard day’s work from the scorching heat and even for children back from school. Ghol is much lighter than lassi and other than its ingredients with a superb nutritional value, this drink also helps to keep you going all day.

The Magic Ingredient of Ghol

Gondhoraj Lebu
Three Gondhuraj Lebu lemons in a bowl

Gondhoraj Lebu, known as Gondhoraj Lebues in botany, adds the drink’s decisive flair. Belonging to the same family of Kaffir Lime, famous for its captivating aroma than for its juice, is a hybrid version of Mandarin Orange and the normal lime. It is traced to the hills of Chittagong in Bangladesh and is widely grown in the eastern parts of India in Assam, Tripura etc.

The exotic flavour it lends to the Ghol is the main element that makes it an experience to relish.


  1. 2 cups cold curd
  2. 3/4 cup or more chilled water
  3. 3-4 tbsp sugar
  4. 1/2-1 Juice of Gondhoraj Lemon
  5. 1 tbsp+1 tsp Zest of Gondhoraj Lemon
  6. 1/2 tsp sendha namak
  7. 3-4 icecubes

The Method of Preparation

  • Take two tablespoons of yoghurt, add a pinch of pink salt and two teaspoons of sugar to it.
  • Add water and lime zest, blend it in a mixey until froth is formed.
  • Then add lime juice and stir the mixture with a spoon. Avoid blending.
  • Garnish with Gondhoraj lime zest and a piece or two.
  • Time to chill..

Not just about taste..

The template of Ghol is not just confined to the coolness quotient as it is fertile with nutritional benefits along with bringing down the cortisol levels in summer.The drink is loaded with Vitamins B2, B5, C, Calcium, Magnesium and probiotics.Additional ingredients in the form of Pink Salt et alia, brings in potassium and iron to the mix.

Here’s the match :

Gobindobhog pulao with Gondhoraj Ghol
Gobindobhog pulao served in wooden Bowl with Gondhoraj Ghol in wooden glass

Gondhoraj ghol “The phrase in itself means Drink which is the King of Fragrance. It is a classic beverage indigenous to Bengal, normally prepared in summers and very common in celebrations” along with Gobindobhog pulao is the go-to combination that is a must-try for every foodie. Gobindobhog pulao is prepared by topping it with Gondhoraj lebu, that makes this combination an aromatic bliss.

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By -Manu Vishnu

Date: 27/06/22

Tags: food

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